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    Selma Shows the Man Behind the Myth of MLK

    Reding this actually gave me shivers. The theater might as well take my money now because this sounds amazing.
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    The Big Picture: The Terrible Twenty Films of 2014 Part 2

    I actually had to sit through Gods Not Dead with my now ex girlfriend. It's even worse than he says it is.
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2014: Dragon Wars: D-War

    I actually remember watching this in theaters when it came out. Yeah. This is easily one of the weirdest things to watch. I'd still recommend it though for no other reason than the "what the hell is this" factor.
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    What Defines the Games of Suda 51 and Swery65

    I agree with Yahtzee that Killer7 is more coherent, but there's something about Deadly Premonition that I really enjoyed. I think it's that the game is very disjointed, all angles and elbows. killer7 is a hell of a trip, but it just doesn't click for me as well.
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    6 Reasons the Left Behind Books Suck (And Why the Movie Might, Too)

    Towards the end of the article, he says abstinent people go to hell. I think he meant atheist. After six hellish years in a Christian high school, I'm fairly certain that the abstinent people would be given a first class ticket to heaven.
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    Feed Dump: A Bag Full Of Bees

    I really shouldn't want this, but I really want to see shipping fan art for Serg and Alex.
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    Escape to the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy - Surprise! This Movie Rocks!

    Oh that's right. I forgot about that. But yeah. My theater pretty much did the same. Lots of laughs and lots of "please no!"
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    Escape to the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy - Surprise! This Movie Rocks!

    I'm surprised you didn't mention anything about the stinger. But I agree with you for the most part. Especially the ending.
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    Feed Dump: Dead Body Accidentally Thrown Away

    I'm not high. Really. *shifty eyes*
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    An Occupational Hazard

    It's been a while since someone said that game execs suffer from diarrhea of the mouth. Thank you sirs.
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    The Big Picture: The Fall of Kevin Smith

    I am simultaneously relieved and disappointed that we are not getting ten episodes to pick apart Kevin Smith. Still, this is pretty fascinating. I still believe that Clerks is legitimately hilarious, but I do agree that the scenarios are contrived. The dive bar punk rock analogy is perfect...
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    The Big Picture: Leave Michael Bay Alone

    It's about time that somebody just came out and was honest about the burning of the Michael Bay effigy. I also do not remember reading pieces about the death of cinema when Pain & Gain came out. If someone is going to assert that a particular filmmaker is everything that is wrong with cinema...
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    Movie Defense Force: The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Better Than Broody Gritty Wah Wah

    Dear lord you must be joking. I get that there are people who really like this new Spidey, but it just doesn't work.
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    Escape to the Movies: Maleficent - An Unusual Fairy Tale of Revenge

    I was wondering how the I spit on your grave comparison was gonna play into the story. But holy crap. This sounds so nuts that I just gotta see this.