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    Otakuthon 2018 thread

    What happened to Bobular?
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    So that we can all meet up again: Contact information thread

    I'm offended. What do you mean just a *little*?
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    So that we can all meet up again: Contact information thread

    I only care about Bobular.
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    What should have been done about WW?

    Stirner posting should have been made mandatory.
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    Bobular's top 5 most disapointing anime

    *still needs to finish Space Patrol Luluco* Dude what. I sit more in traffic each day than that show's length.
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    How and why are rogue-likes so popular?

    I like them because they can be played in short bursts. When you don't have 2+ hours for a meaningful gaming session, a well spent 30+ minutes can be a bliss.
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    Chronicling my way through Mass Effect 3

    The best part of Mass Effect 3 was the Buy DLCs note at the end, in its day 1 original glory.
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    Favorite climactic battles in media?

    Borderlands 2 - Where Angels Fear to Thread. That's how you do a boss battles in FPS games, *cough Ken Levine *cough*.
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    Fuck. You. Bioware.

    Can you still make it crash to desktop if you click and drag your powers while using tactical pause? Good ol' BioWare.
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    Some Pre 2000 PC game recommendations

    This thread needs more Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines.
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    Zero Punctuation: Kingdom Come Deliverance

    Atleast the Steam forum threads and hillarious reviews are amazing.
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    Babylon 5 foretold the existence of the Wild West subforum. 11/10 best series.
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    The Increadibles 2 trailer.

    Don't forget the other side, that the movie isn't inclusive enough.
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    Will Game of Thrones' finale suffer the same fate as Mass Effect 3's ending?

    That would require a twist ending where the curse that made the Others, taking the shape of Ned Stark, tells everyone that the Others were just protecting Westeros from greenseers changing the timeline. Then after the credits, HBO tells you to buy the box set if you want the adventure to...
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    Dark Souls... On the Go!

    DS1 is one of the worst PC ports I've ever played, let's see how it turns out first. Still haven't bought 3 though, but got Bloodborne from the christmas discount bin for the near future when I'll buy a PS4.