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    Main Event (7/22/14) Review

    I'm a fan of MainEvent. It's generally great a showcase of talent who usually don't get a lot tv time. Let's see how this week fairs: Seth Rollins vs Fandango? I was initially somewhat confused by this random heel vs heel match. But, it ended up being surprising solid. The match was...
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    Main Event (7/08/14) Review

    I really enjoy Main Event. It's only an hour and they usually pack in some fun stuff. It's a magical place where Midcard guys get to speak for themselves and you see the WWE experiment a little. Anyway, let's see how this week faired: Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio for the U.S title in a Last...
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    NXT REVIEW 4/15/14

    The Ascension vs Jobbers NOOOOO! We have tag teams now! Why is this still happening? I've been watching The Ascension wrestle two minute matches against guys I will never see again,non stop, for half a year. It's even worse for people who were watching before December. Punch, punch, tag...
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    NXT REVIEW 5/08/14

    Charlotte Flair w/ Sasha Banks vs Emma This is a solid back and forth women's contest. I do wish the match quality on the main roster was this consistent. Emma gets the advantage but instead of locking in her tried and true Emma Lock she pulls a pink sock puppet out of her boot to weakly...
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    NXT review 4/24/14

    I love NXT. Ever since I discovered that it made the transition from terrible gameshow to ace wrestling show, I have been hooked. I'll give you the rundown for this week's episode and tell you who I feel the MVP and LVP of the show is. Let's see what we got: JBL walks into Paige backstage and...
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    Main Event Review 4/22/14

    Welcome to my review of Main Event on the WWE network. Marter already covers Raw and Smackdown shows so I figured I'd pick up the slack and do Main Event and NXT. Since coming to the network it's been a great exhibition for mid card talent. So lets see what I have to work with this week...
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    Raw Review (April 7, 2014)

    I saw the A.J thing as being an upset due to her arrogance. She threw he title up when she had no reason to and tried to slap on her finish crazy early. So she got reversed hard into the Paige Turner (which got botched hard). I see arrogant champion having to earn the title back after a major...
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    WrestleMania XXX Predictions

    Gotta disagree on the Kane thing. I see it as a reinvigoration of the character, like Biker Taker. Monster Kane had stopped being frightening due to the whole Team Hell No thing which was fine because that team was fantastic. But, after the team broke up he was directionless and crowds didn't...
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    Cutscenes Stole My Thief Game

    I really hope you don't actually believe any of that insane speech. Firstly it's widely agreed that the last 5-10 years have been just about the best scripted television has EVER been. Justified, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, The SHIELD, Rectify ECT. (I could go on for days). The...
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    No Right Answer: Best TV Drama Ever

    I'm gonna throw in my hat with this man. Justified has a really cool relaxed vibe and is covered wall to wall in some of the greatest characters in tv history.
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    Assassin's Creed Doesn't Have Much of a Story, Does It?

    Breaking Bad man. One of the best shows ever made and it had a clear beginning middle and end across 62 episodes with the ending being IMO the perfect conclusion to the narrative.
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    The Seven Assassins (Fantasy RP)(Started, Closed)

    Hrothius looked at himself in the mirror as he sat down on his bed in a lavish apartment. "You come all the way for what? To get drunk off your ass and pass out before you even land one blow. What is wrong with you?" Hrothius sighed and put his head in his hands. Through his fingers he saw a...
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    What if Doctor Who had been created by Americans?

    What the heck is wrong with 90% of the people in here? Star Trek Star Trek TNG Deep Space 9 Babylon 5 Stargate SG1 Quantum Leap Brisco County Jr Firefly Fringe Terminator:Sarah Conner chronicles V(original/remake) Battlestar Galactica(original/remake) The outer limits The...
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    The Seven Assassins (Fantasy RP)(Started, Closed)

    Hrothius laid down the creature he was carrying and rolled onto his back. He coughed trying to expel some of the smoke that was still in his lungs. "Oh, thank the chills," he breathed. "Can you seal the path behind us?"Things had gone so badly so quickly. He pushed himself on his forearms...
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    The Seven Assassins (Fantasy RP)(Started, Closed)

    "I'll take that as a no," Hrothius replied to the elf. "But, if I can stand up...I'll carry him." His knees were paining him but his drunken dizziness was what was giving him the most trouble. He got to his hands and knees to ground himself a bit. He planted his right foot strongly...