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    U.S. destroyers on move as N. Korea prepares rocket launch

    I am pretty sure the Chinese would be pretty pissed if NK would try and shoot this thing at anybody. They have other trouble to deal with at the moment and the only reason China helps stabalizing NK is, because they are horribly afraid of the wave of refugees fleeing from a collapsing NK into...
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    170: Corporate Consoletation

    As games move more and more into everyday culture the amount of advertisement in games will increase exponentially and move from products with "core"-gamers as their customer targetgroup to more mainstream products. The success of the Wii and growing casual market will enourmously accelerate...
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    Sexiest Video Game Weapons

    Double barrelled shotgun in Doom2. If you are a precise shooter, this is a definite insta-kill weapon. Take a few hits while running and dodging up to your opponent, then take him down.
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    Favorite Video Game Weapons

    1. the double barrelled shotgun (Doom2) 2. BFG9000 (Doom) 3. Football (Dead Rising is full of fun, fantastic stuff to crack zombie heads wide open) 4. .357 Revolver (Halflife2) 5. Assault rifle attached chainsaw (Gears of War, no other kind of multiplayer frag is more rewarding)
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    Your favourite hero's sidekick?

    The fat sumo-guy in Bruce Lee on the C64. When playing Coop I just loved kicking the crap out of that guy.
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    Your favorite underappreciated games...

    Freelancer Fahrenheit Hi-Octane + Expansion Interstate 76 Jagged Alliance 2 Scrapland Stubbs the Zombie Shadowrun (SNES) Z - by the Bitmap Brothers and although this might stir up some controversy: Kane & Lynch (despite it's many flaws I really enjoy the singleplayer)
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    Xbox Live Game Development Costs On The Rise

    The problem is not the quality required to have a game admitted to XBox live arcade. Many indie teams are capable of producing top quality, innovative games. But once again, due to the enourmous interest in publishing arcade titles, pitching your title to Microsoft has become tremendoulsy...
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    PS3 Delayed In Europe, Shipments Cut

    Interesting to look at the number of units to be available in the US and Japan. Obviously Sony is not afraid to loose a considerable number of potential Japanease customers to Microsoft, as sales of the 360 have been pretty grim anyways. In the US on the other hand Sony seems to have understood...
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    61: The Wideload Way

    The article was a really good read and proved that modern production methods do not necessarily kill innovative and creative game design. Instead it can boost the possibilities of smaller studios to persue their own ways by lowering production costs significantly and focussing the talent...
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    Windows Vista Pricing Revealed

    Prices are really through the roof with this release. Guess Microsoft won't be selling a lot of retail copies this way and relies more on OEM market instead. Nice thing here in Germany is that the courts ruled that the OEM (or SystemBuilder as called here) has to be sold to private people as...
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    XBox live community

    Hey, nice that people jump on in. OK my gamertag is "Internal Exile" and my most common online games are PGR3, Ghost Recon. Not so often Burnout, OverG, Quake4 and Perfect Dark Zero. I do not have Chromehounds but as I am reading a lot of times it seems to be a blast when playing online. So...
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    XBox live community

    Inspired by the article "Live disruptions" by Dean Takahashi and the posts in the accompanying forum thread I just had an idea I wanted to propose to the Escapist community. As everybody knows bad behaviour on xbox live is almost entirely (I know, not completely) a phenomenon limited to the...
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    56: Live Disruption

    I got the 360 on 22nd December, launchday in Germany, and got a headset right away. The first few days I was delighted by the community that gathered on live. I talked to a whole bunch of people about all kinds of stuff and added a lot of those to my friends list. Now I rarely turn my headset on...
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    What have you been playing lately?

    Last week I could not resist anymore and finally got a DS lite. I wanted this little thing since the first iteration was out and now finally I got one. Now for the last week I've exclusively been playing New Mario Bros. My PC and 360 have been idling since then. A funny episode was when my...
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    Atari Test Drive?s New Next-Gen Pricing

    That sure is cheap for a supposed AAA title. Too cheap?!?! I'm pretty sure they will try to cash in on the downloadable content. In principle that is OK, as long as they do not try to rip off the customers with a severely crippled game that depends on expensive extension to provide the initially...