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    5 Journey to Un'Goro Cards That Could Already Use a Nerf

    The funny thing about the rogue quest card is that it actually has a pretty stable 50/50 win/lose rate. The problem is that it just feels like complete horseshit to lose against because you can't do anything to stop the opponent from playing, recalling and re-playing the same card over and over...
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    Robot Trained to Shoot Guns is "Not a Terminator," Insists Russia

    Yeah this is exactly what I was thinking. Bit odd for a supposed space program to suddenly be interested in playing Robo-Rambo.
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    The Nintendo Switch Emulator That's Going Around is a Scam, Says the FTC

    I dunno, I might be gullible enough to think that there'd be a functional Switch emulator by now, but you'd have to be a complete idiot to think it was officially sanctioned. None of the emulators for other systems that I've seen have ever pretended to be official "Nintendo gives this the thumbs...
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    You Now Need to Give Valve Your Telphone Number to Play DoTA 2

    There IS a non-ranked mode, you know. If you want to keep playing casual or even custom modes, you don't need to give them your phone number. So, I don't know, maybe an upfront fee for playing ranked? Of course then you'll get people just accusing them of being greedy. People are throwing a...
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    There's Not Much Role-Playing in Role-Playing Games These Days

    I dunno, some people might want to change their character type partway. A nice character might get cynical or just sarcastic *raises hand*, or a tough one might soften up somewhat. Might even just be on certain situations. I know there's been a couple of times where my goodie-two-shoes...
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    There's Not Much Role-Playing in Role-Playing Games These Days

    I know that in Bioware's games, I used to trend towards Paragon-esque options, but I eventually got bored and just chose the snarky/witty/humorous choices whenever they popped up. Nothing quite like delivering a healthy load of snark on the Big Bad's monologue. Personally though, I'm just...
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    Update: Gearbox Backs Out of Controversial Bulletstorm/G2A Promo

    Companies jacking up their prices is not at all comparable to a company that's enabling actual widespread credit card fraud, dude. And I live in New Zealand where we also pay through the nose for games. Do the industry a favor and just pirate your games instead of buying from G2A. At least...
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    Bandai Namco Teases New Title With "Prepare to Dine" Tagline

    Wasn't Bloodbourne kinda-sorta about Vampires? I mean, this looks like a sequel to me.
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    Jim Sterling in court.

    It might still have, but we'll never know since they essentially both agreed to drop it.
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    Jim Sterling in court.

    These are the guys who took a video of Jim joking about creating a genetically engineered army with mad science (i.e. a prop carrot and syringe) and said "GOTCHA! Undeniable evidence that you encourage people to harass us". No, there isn't any missing context explaining how that makes any...
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    Jim Sterling in court.

    Jim uses ads on some of his videos (not on The Jimquistion, but I think he does for Jimpressions). Though I won't claim to know how the ad money compares to the funds from Patreon.
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    Jim Sterling in court.

    Technically it's not dismissed yet, no, but the Judge has said that they need a registered attorney if they want to counter the dismissal. Or as I like to put it, "Get a lawyer or GTFO". Theoretically speaking they could come back in (looks at calender) less than a fortnight with a paid...
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    The Problem with Freemium Games

    "We're back to pay-to-play"? It was a steady transition from the arcades to the home! You argue that they spent the last few decades focusing on the "get the game into the homes" part of arcade machines, and now they're focusing on the "get every bit of their pocket change" part.
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    Dear Valve: Please Fix Steam in 2017

    Flash sales became redundant when Steam Refunds entered the picture, since Valve explicitly said they don't consider refunding a game and then immediately buying the discounted version to be a abuse. The surge of trash on the store is also unbelievable. And I simply don't buy that it's...
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    Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Release Date Announced

    Ditto. Maybe it was the voice acting/dialogue, or the fact that nobody seemed particularly bothered by what was happening.