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    Where did all the older Escapist users go?

    I'm 22, what's considered "old"?
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    Where did all the older Escapist users go?

    I'm 22, what's considered "old"?
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    Starwars Quotes

    "I love you." "I know."
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    Do you think you are Attractive?

    As of late I have found out that I'm pretty decent. It's amazing how many people come forward after high school is done and through for a while to compliment someone.
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    Americans: what country would you go to if you had to leave the US forever, and why?

    I would probably choose Sweden. I'm actually thinking about moving there once my time in the service is done. Its cold, which I enjoy, and all of my friends who have visited said that Sweden was the best country they visited. Really friendly people, nothing too preposterous there, but I...
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    Poll: Who WEARS wrist watches anymore?

    I love my watch, its a quality piece
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    Post a random screenshot from a random game.

    Mass Effect 2 screen I grabbed.
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    Microsoft Kills the Zune

    Nooooooooo! I love my Zune, still have the original brick. This thing is a tank. Dropped in multiple times on concrete, still works as if it was right out of the box. Went through 4 ipods in 2 years before I found my Zune. I am disappoint.
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    Metal music in your 20s

    Not quite sure what you're on about. As a fellow 21 year old, metal is still, if not more so, running through my veins. Going to shows, headbanging on roadtrips, doesnt get much better!
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    Do all women like jerks? No (a rant)

    Sooooo, how about we grab a pint? haha In all seriousness though, thanks for putting this up. The "Why nice guys finish last" trend on here was starting to become irritating.
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    Poll: Your opinion on facial hair

    Currently sporting a beard, and I'm digging it. Everyone else is as well. I have received many compliments, and most people say it makes me look "hella irish"
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    Poll: Is PC gaming worth the discomfort?

    Nice cushy leather chair, I don't find this discomforting at all
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    What did you get for xmas?

    Earth: The book A new sound card A sweet Guinness drivers cap Some clothes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand some cash =)