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    Should the mentally challenged be allowed to procreate?

    Well, since seemingly "normal" people can procreate and unleash that vacuous skank Sarah Palin or that flaming retard from Deleware why not.
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    HL2:E3 Teaser Poster

    I tend to photoshop everything I produce before publishing it to the web to make sure it is perfect. Pointing out that it has been photoshoped means absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. With that said, I will believe it when I see it but based on an email I got from Chet Faliszek, I am inclined to...
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    Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko is my absolute favorite movie of the last decade. The standard version is far superior to the directors cut which is the version for those that can't or won't think. I picked it up upon its release on DVD bay back in 2002/03 without knowing anything about it. I had just read a bunch...
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    WW2 shooters; any recommendations?

    The Brothers in Arms series was the best I have played as a whole. Hell's Highway was excellent. It was easily the best game of 2008. It took everything set up by the first two, made some nice additions to the game play and wrapped everything around a great story. As always, it is an FPS so it...
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    Poll: Half Life 2: Episode 3

    Valve is still putting teaser info out there. Look for another box compilation this fall and it will come bundled with Portal 2, which won't be a full game.
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    Microsoft: Natal Won't Divert Core Gamer Focus

    I just think Natal is a gimmick, plain and simple. If you think the 10 + percent latency is a killer wait until you see how much system resources is starts sucking down. It won't be pretty which is going to severely limit its ability to be used in AAA titles and will kill cross platform titles...
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    Ubisoft: More Sequels, More Often and More Multi

    I refer to this as the lowest common denominator strategy. As Ben put it in a way only he can, 75% of the consumer base is made up of emotionally sensitive retards that are mindless consumers so why not. Look at Modern Warfare 2. How many people bought that steaming pile of blank? How many...
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    Modern Warfare 2 Kicks UK Sales Record's Ass

    Apparently there are a lot of stupid people out there who like paying full price for an average expansion pack. Of course we already know this thanks to the last Halo expansion pack.
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    L4D2: are you buying it?

    I will absolutely not be buying this game nor will I buy anything from Steam until Valve actually puts some effort into the only series that matter. I have had enough of the sideshow.
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    The worst video game you have ever played

    Starship Troopers for the PC. That game was just plain bad.
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    PlayStation CEO Hopes 2008 Was "As Bad As it Gets"

    You can also say that both the 360 and Wii do not have enough games worth buying those systems for. For my money, the PS3 is the best deal because it has the best games. Too bad it is too bloody expensive and I am not about to shell out more than $250 for a three year old piece of technology...
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    Poll: Your Favorite Resident Evil Game

    Starting with RE4, the game lost its feel. There is no overarching tension driving the game play. No dread. Neither RE4 or 5 can be considered a survival horror game. They are simply action games now. They should have just changed the name.
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    Poll: Your Favorite Resident Evil Game

    The remake of Resident Evil for the Gamecube is absolutely top dog. The original and RE3 are close however. The worst in the series (FPS failures withstanding) has to be RE 4. That game flat out stunk. They should have just changed the name and moved on and 5 is not much better.
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    A Movie that you hate that everybody else loves.

    Anything with that talentless unfunny retard Will Ferrell.
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    Gabe Newell Discusses Episode 3 Delay

    My guess is they will not come out with Episode 3 but will simply come out with Half Life 3 using the episodes and Portal as a bridge between the two. They will have a new engine and fifteen to sixteen hours of gameplay and story to go with it.