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    The First "Legend of Korra" Trailer!

    I heard about this quite a while back. Glad to hear it's actually coming.
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    Poll: Lovers of Women: Bigger up top is better?

    Personally, size doesn't matter to me, as long as they fit her body. I have a friend who has rather large ones, but their shape fit with her short body. Meanwhile, I have a tall friend who has very small ones that fit her lean figure. Anyways, legs (especially thighs) are superior.
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    Anyone else hate British cuteness?

    Er, what? While I do find the rather weird obsession some Americans have with Britain weird...what are you on about, mate?
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    So, you are now an Evil Genius!

    Goddamn ninjas. Well uh... I build my base, and hire guys who wear yellow.
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    Gamers have terrible taste in music.

    Nope. Musical opinion is subjective. For example, I love gaming, and I'm also an avid Hollywood Undead fan. Not many other gamers I know like it. One friend hates it, and he likes Skinny Puppy, which I hate. But neither call out the other.
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    What's the most exotic meat you've eaten?

    Rabbit and venison chili.
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    Do you like women's feet?

    Depends. Do they compliment her legs? Then yes. Does she have attractive legs, but not the same with her feet? Doesn't matter, I like legs more anyways. Specifically the thigh. Oh good lord do I love ladies' thighs.
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    Poll: You and your best friend, and their gender

    My original best friend is a guy. However, my "best friend" is now multiple girls. All of them matter to me a whole lot, even though half of them hate the other half. Male, by the way.
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    Wierdest thing you've ever said out of rage to a game.

    I was playing Mount and Blade Warband. King Ragnar killed my only Rhodok Veteran Spearman. In my rage at losing my faithful soldier, I shouted, "RAGNAR! With the Gods as my witness, I declare thee cursed! I will pillage thy land, raze thy villages and slay thy nobles! YOU SHALL SUFFER!". My...
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    Turn in your man card

    I've never masturbated nor watched porn. I squeal over kittens, puppies and bunnies. I'm overly emotional. I care more about the emotion behind an action than the action itself.
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    Odd features you find attractive.

    Long hair, especially straight hair. Red heads get me going, but I haven't met any decent ones, so I settle on brunettes. I also like girls shorter than me by at least four or five inches.
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    Which one subject is really disconcerting for you to talk about?

    Drugs. When people start telling me what a drug does, my skin starts crawling, and my mind creates a scenario in which I am now under the influence of that drug.
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    Opinions you have that most people don't agree with.

    I think text talk, as in emoticons and abbreviations, is the worst thing to happen to the English language. Yet, all of my friends uses "brb" "lol" and so on.
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    The last weapon you used shall now be used to perform your colonoscopy

    P-Body's Portal Gun? Interesting.