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    Poll: Have you ever changed your username?

    Nope, I always have, and always will be xx_Prosnipez_xx. Just kidding. Im just that coffee guy.
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    Poll: 6000 posts and counting: what is your opinion on milestone threads?

    I think they're a great idea. I did one at 4000 & 5000... ...Back in 2010 Now I feel old :(
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    Double Amputee Killed by Houston Police Officer

    Couple of things that people seem to be missing: The officer says that they only saw a metal object, not a pen, and that being said you can still do a lot of damage with a pen. Getting cornered by a guy in a wheelchair isnt as stupid as it sounds depending on room layouts, other people in the...
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    Poll: Fellow Oldscapists!

    You rang Soupy? --- Also, The reason I disappeared overnight on the forums (save for the esc '12 thread); I discovered that its 'against the rules' to point out obvious trolling and decided my time was better elsewhere. (long story short, disagreement with moderator rules) I still pop back...
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    'Feminazi' is sadly one of the most common examples of Godwin in our society.

    First of all, Studying law, and even if there isn't a prosecution the man still gets pulled through the judicial system and treated like a rapist. 'I didn't know she was drunk' isn't a defence in a rape case. Yes the guy can say no, but are you trying to suggest that every[/I] time someone goes...
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    'Feminazi' is sadly one of the most common examples of Godwin in our society.

    The problem I have with feminists is that in my experience they dont want Superiority[/I]. In the western world nowadays the amount of genuine sexism in the work place is at an all time low. Men and women are generally treated equally in society. There is still an argument about Pay Scales I...
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    Who Would You Punch In The Face?

    Bono. I Have my reasons.
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    Old schoolmates getting knocked up!

    I graduated High School in 2005. a LOT of my classmates have had babies, although not many of them are married. My sister is currently pregnant with her second and an old college mate is expecting his second soon too. I Hate children. I really REALLY do.
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    Things you find woefully unfunny, but other people like.

    The Office. In fact everything Ricky Gervais does. I like[/I] the guy but I dont find anything he does funny. Same goes for Russell Brand & the Mighty Boosh.
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    Poll: ROFL

    I use 'Lol' If something amuses me or I've said something half serious. I use LMAO when i'm genuinely laughing my ass off. ...ROFL...Very rarely.
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    Escapism UK 2012: Official Thread!

    Ill be there. Count on it.
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    Why do people think the laws are perfect?

    Laws are not perfect. Laws are a response to a perceived social need. On the whole though they do a VERY good job. There are some laws that are stupid, but common sense usually prevails. Also - Police brutality claims - NEVER believe what you see in the media. Unless you were THERE...
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    Describe your love-life with a video game title!

    DOOM. 'Nuff Said.
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    How do you argue with drunk logic?

    To be perfectly honest he sounds mentally disturbed. If he's been doing hardcore drugs i'd strongly recommend a psychiatric assessment.
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    Poll: Thought experiment: What if homosexuality COULD be "cured" medically?

    But that implies that being gay is broken.