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    Give me a reason to not quit gaming

    I'm in the same exact boat, verbatim. I feel as if the community is what drives me away sometimes, but I myself am to blame for it because we're all jaded. Nowadays I get upset or genuinely angry when playing, before it was harmless frustration that needed to overcome, now there's a pride that...
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    Near Future Science Fiction (or Cyberpunk) Picked it up on a whim and it's now my most favorited series ever. Very grounded with sci-fi elements. Worth every page, imho.
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    Games That Absolutely Need a Sequel

    ChromeHounds. I even signed a petition once to have it made into a sequel.
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    Your latest earworm(s).

    I can't stop this one from resonating in my head:
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    Kendo Confusion

    To my understanding of the competitive sport. The kendo video appears to be a neutral spot in the hugging range as if it's a standoff or like a clinch in boxing. It prevents either side from making an offensive while keeping yourself in a defense. Killing blows aside, in the sport, I believe...
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    Naivety and Computer Audio

    It's going to be at home, I'm the only one who can hear it so I don't mind the speakers vs headset, means I can hear it when I'm around the place. The PC was upper-middle-class about two years ago. Not sure how to check motherboard make and model... I listen to just about anything from...
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    Naivety and Computer Audio

    Looking for some advice by people who dabble or expertise in audio systems for a desktop computer. Something as simple as brand names so I can do some research myself would be beneficial, but if there's specific recommendations along with reasons why, then that would be much appreciated...
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    Show me a good anime please

    Visually, try Samurai Jack Haha and maybe I.G.P.X. Otherwise in order I'd recommend: Samurai Champloo Cowboy Bebop oh and maybe Trigun Don't let the names deceive ya' at least google each and read a bit or watch a pilot from each of them. Won't tame more than an hour or two of your...
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    Is gaming dead for you?

    I think it's all perspective, at least for me. Most of us started when we were coming of age (I assume) so there were things back then that just WOWED us and blew our minds. While gaming may be in fact getting better, we just don't have that mind blown effect. We'll look forward to a game...
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    You get to remove one word from the English language

    Moist. Do I have to say more? Moist, moist, moist...
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    Gloves Translate Sign Language to Speech

    I've really not much more to say towards this particular conversation. We're about as opposite as it gets in terms of debating and nothing constructive will come from our back-and-forth. I've grown up with Deaf parents and have been a part of Deaf Culture all my life, aside from going to...
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    Getting into manga

    I'm going to echo One Piece. Not many forms of fiction can balance as many characters as OP. The Breaker The Breaker: New Waves (You'll wanna' read the previous one first) I surprisingly like Hajime no Ippo (Boxing) Really just go to any manga site like,, or...
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    Gloves Translate Sign Language to Speech

    Heyy, the guy with one post under his belt is the first person to prove he's got a head on his shoulders in this thread. *Applause* Captcha: against the grain
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    Gloves Translate Sign Language to Speech

    Please, you're welcome to do some research. A Choclear Implant is not a magic device that lets people hear and understand language (At the price tag of a cool $40,000 per ear). In late Deafened adults the success rate is lower than half, and in children it's invasive and ruins cultures. Being...
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    Gloves Translate Sign Language to Speech

    First things first, you've stated that my opinion is wrong, therefore the rest of your argument will hold no weight. Secondly, yes, yes I am spitting on the Choclear Implant. It's a device that ROBS the child the freedom of their culture, it destroys a culture by the ignorance of the...