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    Guild Wars 2 Preview

    Maguuma was doing well wvw-wise, but i'm less interested in wvw having played the beta ... at least when you start ... i'm down with being in a huge group and rocking a path of destruction, but i'm just interested in learning the economy now ... the beta event was super fun and informative. i've...
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    Internet Trolls Face Jail in Arizona

    I would say there's a need for an 'I'm from the pussy state and can't handle a bloody joke' icon next to Arizonians' usernames on sites if this were to fully pass.
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    New Console Generation Brings Fear

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the new National Endowment for the Arts' decision on 'video games are art' make for there being less of this 'consoles wouldn't dare take on the indie game market' issue? Such indie companies and even sole devs can write for grants now and get...
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    Who didn't buy Mass Effect 3?

    it doesn't tickle my fancy. never cared for the series ... just kotor in a more space-marine sense. pleh.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Jonny Two

    Agreed! Loooong ass takes, very impressive. Further the guy does all the editing himself ... though I have no clue how you would do something on a mac ... either way Graham's just one of those lucky multitalented so-and-so's ... op Great job!
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    After nearly three decades.... I realized something today.

    ur doin it rong Germany was not triumphant after releasing Triumph of the Will
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    Mass Effect 3 Review

    gameplay looks choppy and lacked fluidity from my view. i never played the previous installments, was the cover system that poor before? the alien character models are at least distinct and varied. not too close to star wars knockoffs
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    so....Not having children=Selfish?

    Oh so true, just like no foreign governments ever bribe our politicians to vote in favor of policy to benefit said foreign national companies. Margaret Thatcher and the Saudis? The money comes back to us. Again, the 'economy' issue proves nothing. It is not selfish to not procreate.
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    so....Not having children=Selfish?

    The 'economy' issue brought up by so many people is moot. Money accrued will be greater for the potential parent. At some point that money gets used or absorbed by the economy regardless. This isn't rocket science here. If you don't have kids, you have fewer expenses. You can then spend money...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Spare Us, Gus

    I speak for all of North Dakota in saying we are completely against turnips! It's likely answered somewhere, but I'm interested in your guys' camera rig.
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    Escape to the Movies: Act of Valor

    ppl have said you're not right about insinuating how offensive the us military is in comparison to defensive, but come on ppl. this guy is pretty much right. how often does an opposing military force reach us soil? while the military is trained for defense of an invasion, it is not their initial...
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    PS Vita Impressions

    Anyone who owns anything Apple complaining about the price of the Vita (as it is currently bundled $300 for the system plus a 8gig mem stick (i think)) needs to re-evaluate their intelligence. It is better than any portable iShit out there and cheaper than most to boot. I'm just sad the vita...
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    Guild Wars 2 BETA!!! (A real one, for once)

    dude there are totally gods ... ya know like dwayna and grenth? geez pretty blasphemous man. also ... omfgomfgomfgomfgomfgomfogmofmgofmgomfogmfomgofmgomf as well ... because seriously i'm feckin jacked for this i've got about 10 ppl and we're all going to guild up as soon as the game...
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    Twisted Metal Review

    Black? ... really? you're saying it's better to play black? First Tito jumps the shark with the idea that the controls are shit and you say play black. it's known as the twisted metal with the steepest controls learning curve! These controls are completely tight. Santa Monica ring any...
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    Rumor: 360 Successor's GPU and Release Date Detailed

    Just remember everyone, none of this power matters if you put it in an overheating tin can. 360 anyone? sound familiar? red ring? anyone hear of that one? hehhh? I FEEL OLD