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    The Big Picture: Orphan, Black? - A Look At The New Annie

    Cant we admit that we hate this movie because its another lazy reboot of something that wholeheartedly does not need one
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    Poll: Katana and Rapier: An Objective Comparison

    In the 1500s, Portuguese Sailors clashed with Japanese Samurai, Sailors with Rapiers defeater Samurai with Katanas
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    "That's Not a Real Job"

    if you can get sustainable income from it, its a real job if you say you are an artist but depend on public funds, be it unemployment for just public spending on arts; or cannot get sustainable income then it is not a real job
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    Should i buy Dues Ex:HR and Bioshock 1 ?

    I could go on and on about the utter greatness of this game, but TL;DR: Get Human Revolution. dead space 2 had a decent plot, as good jump scares as DS2 and was a very good horror/kneecapper-shooter I would recommend it
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    Poll: Extra Consideration

    I would like to see them come together to discuss something only when there is a current controversy. Rather than have it a weekly thing. Ideally, any two journalists who have opposing or different views on a subject could make this column
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    put a can of beans into a pan, then crack in 2 eggs, cook, stirring to scramble the eggs, it is a full breakfast in one
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    Why certain people will defend a clearly bad game

    if a game is shittily made, its a bad game, aliens colonial marines and the new sim city are clearly bad games, as is amy bethesda games do have bugs, but they are minor glitches and the game is engaging to play and interesting that minor bugs are tolerated more than they would on a shit...
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    What aspect of gaming has progressed the least? What should be Focused on in the next generation?

    skyrims AI is kinda dim, no arguments, especially in ranged stealth combat, but like its pretty dim in the walk up and hack, rather than make the AI smarter, they simply used the dragon-shouts to stop the enemies from overwhelming new players, its a good test on how good a fighter you are in...
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    What aspect of gaming has progressed the least? What should be Focused on in the next generation?

    AC's enemies needed that level of dimmness, AC's fighting is based off that of martial arts and swords movies where you are surrounded and you beat them up one at a time. the original bruce lee movies show bruce surrounded, he darts to one side, knocks out them, before turning to the enemies on...
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    What aspect of gaming has progressed the least? What should be Focused on in the next generation?

    one game that gave me the clever girl moment was Dead space 2, there were these necromorphs that did work in pairs or even in packs to distract you and blindside you. They even once or twice feinted when i expected them to charge me, I turned just as they stopped and ran away, letting their...
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    Ever Watched A TV Episode That Pissed You Off So Much You Quit Watching The Series?

    Big Bang Theory, there was alot I was willing to let slide. About season 3 or 4, priya was becoming a fixture,her and leonard got on well, she even tolerated alot of geeky stuff, she was alot better than penny, in many ways. But the writers loyalties lay not with geeks, but idiots and hipsters...
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    20-hour games are "short"?

    i dont usually buy games at full price to me, a game is too short if it feels like it cut out suddenly or just never really got going and there is no point in having game that is very long and feels it ME3 was over in less than 20 hours, in that time you could have cut out a kidney and...
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    Poll: Worst publisher based on Principles.

    who the fuck voted for valve???
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    Plot twists and big reveals you solved by yourself

    that isnt a twist, you know its going on from the get-go the twist really is
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    Poll: If you had the opportunity to remake any game you wanted, what would you pick?

    Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines It was already almost a bethesda level Open World but with good emotive voice acting and faces Keep the Gorgeous sprawling story and meaningful meandering side quests and give it next gen graphics, less bugs and a decent marketing and it would be amazing