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    Quake 3 Arena vs COD blops. The 90s had better shooters

    So you're saying that running around with rocket launchers is more fun than camping. This is true. To say that running around with rocket launchers is more fun than any of the modern shooters, is not.
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    Your favorite TF2 servers

    My favorite has to be cp_orange x3, which has low gravity and 100% crits.
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    Poll: New TF2 server plugin kicks F2P players

    Do any of these people realize that it is possible for a person to get better at a game? I've played TF2 quite a bit, but never actually downloaded the game until it was free. There has to be a better way to separate the people who are actually bad at the game from those who actually know how...
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    The Second Escapist Community?s Top 100 Games [Voting Closed]

    Uncharted 2 Mass Effect 2 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Portal Assassin's Creed (the original)
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    What game that was shown at E3 are you most hyped about?

    Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3, and Resistance 3. Either I have a subconscious thing for threes or it's just a happy coincidence.
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    Most hated enemy in gaming?

    Probably the exploding guys from the Dead Space series. Them or the stranglers from Uncharted 2 co-op.
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    The difference between PC and Console FPS games.

    I think the point is being missed here. What you are arguing is actually old vs. new games, not PC vs. console games. Both Serious Sam 2 and Painkiller came out for the Xbox as well as the PC. Putting fewer enemies in front of the player isn't caused by a gamepad's inherent inferiority (as...
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    Rage quit!

    Exactly. If I stop having fun in the middle of a match, why shouldn't I be able to quit?
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    Poll: Which FPS this year.

    Well, I already have Brink, and I'm definitely getting Battlefield 3. Also Resistance 3. Also, there are too many games ending with 3 coming out in the next 12 months.
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    Which Free PSN Games Are You Going For?

    I already have inFamous ans LBP, so I'm going to get Dead Nation and Super Stardust. You can't go wrong with zombies and Geometry Wars.
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    Poll: Your Favorite Borderlands Class

    I liked Mordecai, especially since I got the ability that has Bloodwing regen your health and a class mod that regenerated sniper rifle ammo faster than I could shoot it. Also, the ignore shields ability was the shit. EDIT: Also, there better be a Batman class in Borderlands 2.
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    Poll: If They Made "Mirror's Edge 2" Would You Play it?

    If they made it longer, more open, and fixed the story, then yes. If it is more of the same, then probably not.
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    So...whos on PSN? And what was your first game to go back online with?

    I'm playing Brink. I'm also replaying Bioshock, but just for trophies.
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    Who here LIKED Brink?

    It's really fun. I will go on record and say that it's the most fun I've ever had playing dress-up. Multiplayer is fun, the guns are balanced, and it just works. Also, I feel like people who haven't actually played the game should be posting.
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    Is Nintendo Under Hackers Radar

    This. Plus Nintendo doesn't have a PSN or Xbox Live type system to shut down, even if hackers cared enough about them to try.