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    Removing One's Rocks

    awww, super-nerd status revoked.
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    Removing One's Rocks

    Wait a minute, doesn't "kawaii" mean something like "scary." So how could a non-threatening guy be scary? ...Fuck, I'm such a super-nerd.
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    Best jrpgs that aren't final fantasy or dragon quest

    Space Funeral get it, it's free and it's a brilliant exploration of the genre. It's pretty weird which I love, your first party member is a headless sapient horse appropriately named Leg Horse. When I stopped finished it I felt wonderfully terrified as if the whole fabric of reality was naught...
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    The Great Debate

    You'd have a point if it weren't for the fact that Anita Sarkeesian hadn't disabled the comments' sections on all her videos well before she was the target of any particular internet ire. Not to mention that she also disabled her ratings (can't justify that with your argument.) Also there's...
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    Iranian Scientist Claims Mastery of Time Travel - UPDATED

    He didn't even get the name right. It should be "The Aryayek Time Scrying Machine." I hope for his sake that this is some translation error or he's even more hopelessly lost. I love this guy though. He's a man after my own heart. I too have crazy maybe impossible ideas that would...
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    I'm sorry but I just have to ask. What the hell is self marriage? What would be the point of marrying yourself? What's the difference between an unmarried person and a self-married person? More on topic: The belief that incest is unethical because of the increased risk of genetic...
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    The game industry is the same as most industries

    You're right but fuck calling gaming an industry. It's an artistic medium not driven entirely for profit or at least that oughtn't be the case. Films, books, and music are all profitable but they ain't industries like cars, furniture, and electronics.
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    Games With Fake Wars Are Stupid

    Yahtzee, the cat knows if it's alive or dead, you silly goose.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Space 3

    I never ran out of healing items or ammo when I was playing Silent Hill 2 on hard action mode. So what's the difference between never running out in Silent Hill 2 and never running out in Dead Space 3? I'll answer my own question. The difference is that I had to work hard (sometimes...
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    Jimquisition: Previewed, Preordered, Prescrewed

    Is this stuff even legal? Take Colonial Marines for example. The demo showcased literally showed something different from what was delivered. Gearbox was selling this lie through pre-orders. That sounds like fraud to me. It's like selling someone a red car but delivering a black car to...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Cave

    My sins are masturbation related too but I've already been punished for them. Namely, I've been punished by an accidentally torn penile frenulum that bleeds whenever I get an erection and will probably require surgery.
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    Which of the 7 Deadly Sins do you embody the most?

    Lust: I jerked off so hard that I tore my penile frenulum and it's fairly painful. It hasn't healed in more than a month now. It might have gotten better earlier if I hadn't have kept jerking it. It's turned black now so I'm a little worried.
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    Seduce Me Makes It - UPDATED

    I'm sorry, are we supposed to be outraged by this? It's just a little porn whose only exceptional characteristic is being refused to be featured on Steam. I can understand doing the first article on this but did it really deserve a follow-up? Anyways, I'm glad that they made it, good for...
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    Hitting the Club

    You're right, Moonlight Butterfly, GTA IV and Duke Nukem Forever are games aimed at men and not you.
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    Have you ever posed as a girl in a MMORPG?

    I did once when I was playing Vindictus because I wanted to be a magic-user and that game doesn't allow you to choose your gender so I had to be female. I didn't really roleplay in a gendered fashion until the one time I had lesbian cybersex which was pretty awesome.