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    Write a poem

    I feel that we need a change of pace. Yeah, it's original. My hope is gone, my loved ones taken Taken by the sea Oh, but I wish I did not see the horrors Mother Nature will bring My dreams are crushed, my home is gone Taken by the sea The night was quiet, even serene That night so...
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    Suspension of Disbelief and Realism.

    To begin with, let me say I love my dirt brown shooters and such to death. On to the topic: Recently, especially among the more mainstream publishers, I've started to see a slightly one track mindset; namely on realism. The obvious explanation for such is better fidelity means more...
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    You know what I hate? Misanthropes.

    I hope you're joking, but misanthropy means the hatred of the entire human race. I think OP was speaking of cynism or pessimism in this case, however.
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    You know what I hate? Misanthropes.

    Ahh... To clarify, you're trying to use a specific example to prove that humans on the whole aren't shite? Whether or not that's true I see little bearing on your apocryphal friend. Ignoring irony and the obvious 'it's good to hate on people who aren't mainstream' feel, I really don't see what...
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    Why All the Hate on Naruto?

    When the most interesting thing to happen in 6 episodes is one guy botching a technique? Yeah, thats what I call terrible. The plot (what there is of it) is predictable to the point of being able to be slept through, each and every one of the so called 'well made and relatable characters' are...
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    ME3- Will you stick with your ending?

    This in many ways, with an addendum: I've never managed to lose any of the crew, even Yeoman Chambers and that crew... except for my very first playthrough, when I lost my love interest, Tali, only. Staring at her casket was one of the most moving moments I have Ever experienced, and though...
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    Casual sex

    Only way to stop STD's is, indeed, Not fucking around... and no sharing needles, but as this isn't a drug use topic no point in opening THAT can of worms up. Now, I myself am no virgin, but I'm well aware I roll dice every time I get it stuck in, no matter who it is. 'Safe' sex isn't, but so...
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    Poll: would you die for your country?

    Actually, I've never seen the show, so my opinion on the show is no opinion. Frankly, if every single person thought your way, I'd love it. Militaristic does not always equal "baby eating myrmidon." Take your 'dickheads who want to fight' line. Are there wars I'm not certain we should have...
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    Poll: would you die for your country?

    You do realize the draft still exists and you CAN be drafted at any time in the US... right?
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    Poll: would you die for your country?

    Thank you, and that is a Great historical reference. OT: Fight, yes, sacrifice, even my life, yes, but I wouldn't drink the special kool-aid because my government told me to... So I suppose even I have standards. Completely ignoring all the pro-us style patriotism vs. european...
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    The last movie you saw combines with the last game you played and the last book you read.

    Oh god. My last movie was Labrynth, last game was WoW (Sue me.), and my book is The Unremembered by Peter Orullian. This is going to by one hellacious fantasy mix with a bit of near apocalyptic Grimdark conditions. I'm set, in fact I'm loving it, but the world as a whole will rue the very day...
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    The ten commandments of gaming

    Thou shall let me destroy mine enemies totally, without them screaming hacks. Thou shalt not let cake jokes make up half of thy game's easter eggs. Those are my biggest two.
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    Traditional Single Player Experience Gone in 3 Years?!

    Yeah... no. If I'm stuck playing old games for the rest of my fucking life, so be it. I. Refuse. More likely, this was one of the 'visionary' types who need to be kicked in the gut. Lots.
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    What'd you name your Shepard and why?

    Sergei Shepard, and he got extensive scarring, ice blue eyes, black hair and brows, and a face that, though not obviously ugly, screamed 'I. Will. Kill you.' Renegade Infiltrator shep who I always imagined as a Russian, to the point that I'd start hearing the voice actor with that accent.
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    Do you Always Play The Campaign First?

    Even a game I picked up for the multiplayer, I will always finish every, or nearly every single player achievement before heading online. Its just how I function.