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    Can't resist them urges

    I'm a graffiti writer. I have an constant urge to write, paint, scratch, or otherwise mark on EVERYTHING
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    The Big Picture: Tooned Out

    Haha! Smirked at the frame from Bad Toons. Sly dog you ;).
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    Oh no, Tropical Cyclone Tim is coming!

    It's true. All of Queensland quiver in fear at...Tim:
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    From Buttons to Beats

    Great article. I think you're about to make me trawl the internet for the Wipeout soundtracks! I really resonated with the article, but I wonder if this connection between games and electronic music is as exclusive as you make it out to be? What about the long standing connection between Metal...
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    post yo pic!

    Shit! Well you'd fool me. In fact, I'd say get yourself to a gay bar, you could make easy money on drag nights :)
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    post yo pic!

    Ya know...with the correct facial surgury you'd make a half-decent woman...
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    post yo pic!

    Dude, where's ya Dry-Fit? Ladd up braah! ;) And for myself, I present this:
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    Zero Punctuation: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    Good to see a man with good taste in the cider department.
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    Free Steam copy of The Ship

    Do I want free games? No ship...
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    Mall Fight RP: (CLOSED) (FINISHED)

    "'He was a dark and stormy knight' There, started a story. Didn't mention the weather!" said Quote. "Ha. Ha. Ha. Snoopy did it better, so I still win." said Curly "Let's just get our meds and get back to the cave. No job hunting." "Come on! You expect that trawling is going to...
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    So, I passed out during Prometheus today. . . [SPOILERS TOO]

    Done that myself, with feet and teeth. Needless to say it was convenient we were both still teething...
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    Set your own map marker!

    Only two markers in Spain? Well nobody will expect this one... PS: Got to 200
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    Moving Forward

    As said above, be a friend first before a lover. Can't really give any real advice based on what you've said, but (not trying to sound demeaning) going to someone IRL for advice should be a first course of action.
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    Set your own map marker!

    Can I get a HELL YEAH in this thread tonight!
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    Set your own map marker!

    So, we high or just tired?