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    Evolve Dev: "I Don't Like People Thinking We're Doing Dirty, Underhanded S***"

    If they pre-plan DLC that's fine by me because it's extremely rare I buy any DLC. But having the brass neck to ask me for my money in advance for content that doesn't even exist then bark at me like i'm a bad parson? fuck off.
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Rocks "House of the Rising Sun" Launch Trailer

    The moon you say? ok i'm interested.
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    Fans, Journalists Attack G.I. Joe Director's Live-Action Jem Reboot

    Action man was the greatest hero of them all.
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    OKCupid Asks Firefox Users To Support LGBT Rights, Switch Browsers

    just because some people don't support the LGBT group with every little thing that upsets them doesn't mean you don't care. it's things like this that make me feel like if you don't support one side then you must support the other.
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    The Last of Us Coming to PS4 in Summer - Update

    i'll be getting this, I thought the multiplayer was great fun.
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    psn+ problem.

    my free psn+ games won't play, says they have expired but my subscription is still active (just had a quick game of bf4 to check). this has happened before a couple times and i've re-downloaded them 4 times now and it still has that dumb padlock next to the icon. anyone have any ideas what...
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    Outlast Review - Squeal for the Camera

    Glad PS4 is getting this. my laptop just runs it and no more so I didn't get to finish it.
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    No Right Answer: Worst Social Network Ever

    Both are a bane on society, I can't pick up a packet of crisps these days without the facebook and twitter logos on the back. Glad I use neither.
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    Microsoft Exec on Always Online Consoles: "Deal With it"

    My xbox and ps3 are not online, I can't afford internet. Using my phone to tether for my laptop.