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    Games you've bought that you can't bring yourself to play

    I feel ya. I tried the first one. Could not get past the intro due to the gameplay. Such a shame because I hear good things about it.
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    When a Game Remasters Juuuuuuust right

    They toned down the difficulty in that remaster. It made they game WAAAAAAAY to easy. But yea I agree in general. Dont touch the story and or gameplay.
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    Trying to get a cheap PC, slightly above par with current-gen consoles (PS4). Could anyone help me?

    I understand your pain about the budget. But for me I like investing in the future. If you buy a 450$ pc now. In two years (max) it will be pretty obsolete. Depending on what you are buying now it is going to be pain to upgrade. What I did (1.5 years back) was buy a 900$ pc at the start of...
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    How do you deal with wasps in your house?

    move to a new house
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    Poll: How Do Multi-Lingual People Think?

    I think in my native language mostly. However when Ive been speaking french/english exclusively for a couple of days, my brain switches to that language. Its the same for most people I k ow.
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    Overlooked Films

    The invisibles Sicario Lucky number slevin
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    Post jokes

    Whats the difference between pancakes and japan?
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    Poll: Wonder Woman was not a good movie in any way

    The story was less then meh
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    Odd/Random things you're really good at

    Almost any tv show Ive ever seen. I can say which season/ep after watching a random 5 second clip.
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    Woman charged with Manslaughter after stun went very wrong

    Ive heard a lot of arguments over the years about how modern medicine is halting human evolution. That there is no more natural selection. Ladies and gentlemen. We have reached the tipping point where even modern medicine cannot counter such stupidity.
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    8 Reasons Why Roguelikes Will Make You Beg For More

    A list of games is "reasons"?
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    People You Hate Whom Everyone Else Loves

    Quentin tarantino. His movies and his ideas suck. Kill bill was enough to get 20 years in prison imho
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    Transformers movies

    When you are about to watch a movie you have to know what to expect. Transformers is not about the story for me. It is about giant robots blowing lots of shit up. And it does that very well. So I like those movies. I also like schindlers list but for totally different reasons...
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    Poll: Which do you reckon is coming first? Half Life 3, or Beyond Good and Evil 2?

    They will never release half life 3. Ever. If they do it is going to be considered shit no matter what they do with it. So why bother trying?
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    8 Great Scary Movies to Watch for Halloween

    Its good only for the ending. Love it (the ending)