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    DC Reboot Sells Like Super-Powered Hotcakes

    Seeing as how I work in a comic store, I'll spoil it for you: the #2 issues aren't selling nearly as well, and the numbers will probably go back down to normal. The only maintainable difference are titles like Animal-Man and Swamp-Thing being badass so they'll get sales where they weren't...
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    Proposed Second-Hand Seller Database Raises 'Big Bro' Concerns

    Uh, I already have to fill out this information in Florida (especially for video games) so I'm not seeing the issue.
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    Critical Miss: Space Marine

    Nice point in the article, but the way you regenerate health in this game alone makes it stand out above all the rest. Sure it might not sell crazy, but it'll be the only fps I'll have played on my 360.
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    Razzie Awards Eyeing Transformers 3 for Nomination List

    Maybe you should actually see Green Lantern. It's good to any normal person, but critics have to hate it for some reason
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    Green Lantern: The Fanboy Free Breakdown

    One of these years critics will realize that bashing movies everyone liked is a bad business plan. I thought it was good, though Sinestro being a better character than Hal Jordan was kinda weird.
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    Duke Nukem Forever PR Agency Threatens Sites Over Bad Reviews - UPDATED

    Wow, that update makes 2K cooler in my book. I still won't buy Duke obviously, because dear god it looked awful this entire time.
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    David Jaffe Calls on Game Critics to Get Tougher

    Psst, no one listens to reviewers. It's fairly obvious most of them are paid off, since even Escapist gave a good review of Dragon Age 2 for some reason.
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    Analyst Calls The Old Republic a "WoW Clone"

    Ya don't fuckin say? It's EA for christ's sake, wtf did you think they would do?
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    Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Gets 2011 Release Date UPDATED

    The release date has been known for months as Wizards spoiled the promos you can get for pre-ordering per platform, plus the fact it comes out before the set.
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    Critical Miss: Harry Potter

    Didn't Hufflepuff only have one notable character in the whole series?
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    Are Linear Games Inherently Bad?

    Linear is fine, just as long as its not FF13 linear where you're literally going in one direction. New Vegas was linear as hell and it worked (even kept weapons from you til certain levels).
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    Plot Devices in Video Games. Which do you like or dislike?

    Baldur's Gate 2's backstab was brilliant, dunno what you're talkin about. It is supposedly a staple in fps games which would get annoying, but I don't play those so I wouldn't know.
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    Poll: How do you judge your games?

    Gameplay is the chief concern, but everything has to come together. I really don't have time to play average games any more.
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    what will the first mod in skyrim be?

    Triple the number of dragon encounters I'd imagine. Otherwise it's a toss-up between fixing combat/leveling if its goofy like Oblivion, fixing diminishing returns on leveling, or something like the bow fix for an underpowered weapon.
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    What?s Wrong with Mass Effect 2?

    Heh, apparently people that write for magazines are allowed to write troll articles now.