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    Was it fair how Jack Thompson was treated?

    Probably. The large problem with this sort of retrospection is that we are being asked to look back on actions from a long time ago. Jack Thompson was disbarred almost 7 years ago at this point and the last couple of years he was a lawyer (if I recall correctly) he was more of a laughingstock...
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    The Pickup Artist

    Bug free?
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    Advice on some good Netflix TV shows

    All the Star Trek series are on Netflix. Have fun. I particularly recommend Deep Space Nine.
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    So, What's on your Gaming Backlog

    I brought home a stack of games for the summer that I've been meaning to play but haven't. Persona 4 Obscure 2 Makai Kingdom LA Noire Dues Ex HR Dark Souls 2 Apollo Justice Ace Attorney Fire Emblem Awakening Pokemon White I also brought Bioshock Infinite, Fallout 3, RE4 and...
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    Drafting Journey Into Nyx: What to Pick In Round One?

    Realizing this is triple Journey possibly changes my pick. Certainly the trailblazer is not that good because the best heroic trigger are not in this draft. I would probably consider jumping on the Oread train. The pinging is nice and without the meta planning around people considering moving...
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    Drafting Journey Into Nyx: What to Pick In Round One?

    This pack is pretty underwhelming all things considered and whatever comes back is probably going to be disappointing. That said, I would be tempted by the two constellation creatures. Either one can be pretty good, but my pick would be towards the Oakheart Dryad just because green is a really...
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    Is ZeniMax Being a Patentless Troll in Its Claim Against Oculus?

    Just a quick note since people are already talking about the contract aspects, there is also a trade secrete possible dimension to this. Trade Secrets are a protectable form of intellectual property that can cover patentable material, or any knowledge that the company has. The general...
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    Dark Souls 2: Lvl 55, Still can't beat The Pursuer.

    First of all, in Dark Souls 2 the best way to grin is by being summoned. Never be afraid to lay down the old summon sign at the nearest bonfire, you don't have to wait long to get summoned and it's good experience (both in souls for victory and in learning how to fight the boss with little...
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    What was your most memorable 4X Gaming moments?

    I played a game of Civ Revolution a couple weeks ago where I was falling behind on all victory conditions but was competitive for economic and technology victories. I managed to rush up to the space technology and use my massive gold reserves to rush work on all the space ship parts. Then I just...
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    My Fallout NV experience so far

    Worst decision I ever made in Fallout New Vegas was to make a build that focused on flaming energy weapons. You want to make cazadors worse? Flaming cazadors. Flying right at you.
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    Game of Thrones Premiere Piracy: A Million Downloads in Half A Day

    As someone that uses HBOGo (and thankfully doesn't pay for it) HBO gets no sympathy from me. They charge a ridiculous amount of money for terrible service and have the gall give you ads.
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    Google tries to trademark the word "glass"

    This trademark, not copyright. When you trademark a word you get ownership of the word as it related to the product and the industry you are in. E.g. Apple owns the word 'apple' as it applies to computers, phones, MP3 players, etc. Google's problem is not that they are trying to trademark the...
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    Car accidents and puniahment

    I think part of the problem is that we don't really do a whole lot to emphasize respect for what automobiles are, in that we treat them as just some form of travel convenience and do not emphasize that the driver is in control of a small metal box going very fast with a lot of force and can take...
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    Is the news from the south serious? Are they really that weak to snow?

    As someone from Atlanta, I feel the need to emphasize we don't get snow every year and when it does it sticks around for a day. The last time we had any sort of snowfall worth talking about was 2011. It's not something we need to regularly prefer and if Atlanta were paying for the snowy...
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    Recommend me a good TURN-BASED RPG

    You say just about every SNES era JRPG, but if you didn't list Mario RPG. If you haven't played that, check it out. It's super good. Additionally, many Japanese RPGs that didn't get english releases have fan translations online, so you can get Fire Emblem 6 and Mother 3. Fire Emblem: Genealogy...