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    K'NEX Unveils New Titanfall Sets

    Damn I've gotten old. I'm remembering when I had this massive K'NEX tower in my bedroom, good times.
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    Xbox One Will Work Without Kinect

    Well that certainly is nice to see. I have some good friends on Xbox, and I'd like to jump into a few next-gen games with them. Not having to worry about my living room be some permanent microphone for targeted advertising makes me feel better.
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    Favourite Final Level?

    How about Ocarina of Time? Ascend the tower, kick ass, save the princess, run for your life on a timer while fighting mini-boss rooms (including 2 Iron Knuckles!), and just when think it's safe, boom! Real final boss. Also, you have to make due without the Master Sword for a bit. Or Halo 1...
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    You challenge Death to a competition for your soul: What do you challenge him to?

    Tales of Vesperia 200-man melee speedrun. Death goes first, hopefully choosing Yuri Lowell or anyone other than Rita, then I use her to field nuke my way to victory. Captcha: face the music How fitting.
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    Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches Ends the Tale of Daud

    Well well, that 2nd picture sets an appropriately macabre feel to the whole package.
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    Best single mission in a game

    I'll go with Prototype 2's New Templar side quest. The ending to that was unexpected yet deliciously satisfying. Felt like one of the best moments in the game.
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    Weapon degradation in games

    Who here remembers Morrowind? Remember how chitin armor had pretty decent stats, but had fuck all for durability? Or how ebony or daedric equipment could lasts nearly forever. I think the clear numerical indication of how much wear anything could/would take was a good feature.
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    Xbox One Designed "With Advertising in Mind"

    There was a story about how you could do this awhile back. I can't recall the details but it's probably still around.
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    Xbox One Designed "With Advertising in Mind"

    I do not relish the idea of having every discussion that goes on in or near my living room being recorded by cold wretched lizard people in suits, this just feels too Orwellian in scope. Also, I can tolerate the 360 dashboard as it is now because it always stuffs ads in the bottom right corner...
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    Xbox One's Policy Reveal, According To Microsoft's Whitten

    Good to see that my hopes for this shit getting patched out is being pursued before it even reaches a shelf. I'm sure there will be ways of dealing with the Kinect, whether it involves an off switch, facing it against a wall or wrapping it in a ball of cellophane. I'm seeing this conversation...
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    Trailers: Halo Xbox One - E3 Teaser Trailer

    It's the Answerer from AC for Answer! Ha ha ha... whatever. Good to see that the release schedule for Halo hasn't gone annual yet, well technically. Yeah I know Halo wars and ODST came out in '08, but wars was Ensemble's last game and ODST was built off of 3, and anniversary was just a remake.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Announced For Next-Gen Consoles

    Oh quit belly-aching, I've been waiting for this too long to see someone complain about it being "old." Battlefront gave me an itch that can only be scratched by Sci-fi shooters with vehicle combat and a generous helping flying. I've been sticking with Halo for what brief glimpses of that glory...
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    Escapist News Now: New Battlefront, Mirror's Edge and Dragon Age

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    MS Confirms Online Connection, Game Borrowing and Used Game Details

    I personally wouldn't run into any issues under this system, as I always have a good internet connection, never sell my games, nor do I know anyone who I lend games to. But I cannot condone it as I fear what it will lead to, more hassle, more intrusive systems, and more roadblocks between me and...
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    300 Heroes Rips Off League of Legends, Naruto, Shrek and More

    I'm surprised nobody has made a comment about identifying the characters that weren't examined. I saw Saber, Kirito, and Blackrock-shooter.