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    Of Three Types of Game Developers, Two Are Going Extinct

    When you start reading the article you think this text is supposed to be an argument about how the industry is changing but soon you realize how wrong you were. In the end it is a too long advertisment for Rumble Entertainment that only is pathos and preying on gullible people to believe...
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    The 8th generation arrived.....last year.

    moving blocks on a screen - 8-bit - 16-bit - 32-bit - 3d - broad internet access - hd we never ever did try to define a "genereation of consoles" by the tech used in the chronicles of the history of declaring a certain time frame as a generation. you seem to be someone who does not know how...
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    Tomb Raider

    It was a fun game. For me more than some average joe because I actually study japan's history and have a fair understanding about the scientific method so I realy laugh realy hard whenever Lara tries to be an "archeologist". Lara sees a Kamakura period building and assumes it belongs to Yamatai...
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    Game choices/decisions that led to consequences that made you feel negative/horrible.

    I dont get you. You are telling me an awsome story and you feel shit about it? It is just a game and what are you to feel shit about? Not having done good role playing as far as it is possible with computer games? Having failed at the game? Are you kidding? Where did you fail at the game? You...
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    Host Haste

    I want to direct everyone who not immidiately thought "well Bob that sound a lot like Roland Barthes" to "Death of the Author" by Roland Barthes published 19967 which discusses exactly what is described in the article. Nobody cares about the actual author of a text. We create our own author of...
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    Space Hulk Returning to PC, Mobile

    I actually own that game for the sega saturn. On topic: how is this news?
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    Escapist Podcast: 081: PlayStation 4

    You remember correctly. In the japanese language the characters of death and four have the same sinojapanese pronounciation "shi". Thus there is the superstition with the number four.
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    Top 5 Friday: Top 5 Worst Videogame Romances

    So we are in agreement. You see my argument was aimed at that attitude you are presenting. Thinking this awarness as I call it is commmon sense is the high stuck attitude of a self entitled gamer culture who does not reflect upon its own weltanschauung and how it works thus just being arrogant...
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    Game Journalism vs Personal Opinion

    Interesting points are being made and most people try to derail them because they dont like the idea of professional game reviews adhering to a standard thus making the process and results of reviewing a game for a magazine or website transparent for the consumer who then can trust the review...
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    Why do non-mammals or non-humans need human characteristics?

    Cant argue over this one. They added antennas to the Protoss in Starcraft 2. I will stand by my argument that the asthetics of the female and male protoss conform to the conventional female upper bodies are X shaped and male upper bodies are V shaped. I think we can agree on that
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    Top 5 Friday: Top 5 Worst Videogame Romances

    see my post above yours for a rather long analysis of the video
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    Top 5 Friday: Top 5 Worst Videogame Romances

    because no one else seems smart enough I will play devil's advocate. The goal of the video is to entertain. The subject were the "worst examples of love in video games". Even though very much couple focused pacman is the exception of the rule on this list. So to beat you with the stick over the...
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    Why do non-mammals or non-humans need human characteristics?

    To both of you: The evidence you provide does counter your thesis, so you are not making a good argument. You can clearly see by comparisons to the male sex of both exaples the famles have female characteristics. You know... smaller shoulders, X shpaed instead of V shaped upper body, softer...
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    Procedural Stories

    Except we are not talking about emergent but procedural storytelling and as jeffers notes there is the argument of all stories are formulaic but wants to rebuttle it by pointing out exceptional works like Pulp Fiction that come to mind when the tradiotional formula of storytelling wasn't...
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    Why was there no uproar about same sex relations in Skyrim, or the Fable series?

    so you realy don't argue my point that the lovestory is superficial to the narrative of the Bioware games but try to divert the attention towards the plot of the lovestory which I agreed previously is much better in the Bioware games than in Fable or Skyrim thus we are not arguing that point and...