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    Feed Dump: Trolls, Snakes and Honey Badgers

    homestuck opening \(OwO)/ *is shot by a sniper*
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    everything she said in the second to the last panel is a good reason to date a girl, in my opinion
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    Goodbye Forever, Internet

    PPOODDDIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D8 ;n;
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    Escape to the Movies: Chronicle

    what freaked me out about the character that goes vilian... i've been there. i was constantanly picked on from preschool to high school i've felt that hate and here's the weird part: my name is andrew so whenever someone yelled at that character, i couldn't hel but feel like they were...
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    The Big Picture: Untransformed

    i wasn't saying that the problem was the dialog, the problem was that bay focused on the humans, and practically just threw the robots into the background. did they go into much detail about the struggles of war between the autobots and decepticons? not really it was just " we are good...
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    The Big Picture: Untransformed

    here's a tip for mr bay: take the intro scene in TF3 make more of that KEEP... HUMANS... OUT OF IT......
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    Escape to the Movies: The Phantom Menace 13 Years Later

    the first star wars movie i saw was phantom menace i saw in theaters as a kid it's what got me into star wars then i saw the origional trilogy and i couldn't bring myself to like the the one i grew up with i didn't hate them, i just didn't care in fact i don't really like star wars as...
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    If You Don't Have Nothin' Nice to Say

    because i am studying to get a job in video game devellopment and i feel this is a good place to learn about games that i can't afford or have no time to play
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    HIRE ME!!!!!! D8
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    The Guide to Skyrim Modders: Part 2

    women beware... that dude has crabs...
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    Poll: A compromise for Skyrim's children

    good question. but since i was talking about video games and reality. what would you do if you were given the same option, but in real life?
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    Poll: A compromise for Skyrim's children

    look at it this way: immortal or not, there are players that will try to kill whatever they can. if the player chooses to try and kill a child, then the player is wrong, whether the kid is killable or not. allowing kids to die in games is only wrong if the game FORCES you to kill one. if...
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    Woman Pepper-Sprays Fellow Shoppers for Videogames

    sooo.... people think GAMERS are dangerous? no...... BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPERS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The Big Picture: Words for Nerds

    you got a problem with it?
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    The Big Picture: Words for Nerds

    bob i wish to know your viewpoint on homestuck seriously