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    Poll: Do you think you're more intelligent than the average person? (Be honest)

    I'd say I'm a smarter than anyone least in the general vicinity of me that is
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    What would your motto be...In Latin?

    "Live Drunk, Think High, Die Awesome" If you can find the translation I would appreciate it
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    Poll: Tom Clancy Soldiers Vs. Modern Warefare Soldiers

    Considering the MW guys tend to nuke each other, I'm going with them. also why no poll?
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    Nothin' Sucks More Than Soggy Cereal And Cold Coffee.

    Just sayin... So what little pet peeves do have that suck a lot to you?
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    Music to relax/zone out to

    Anything by Mastodon
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    what game villian/monster/bad guy etc. would you be best friends with?

    Only rule they HAVE to be a enemy character. I had this funny image in my head from a dream of me giving Pyramid Head a high five saying " good JOb Buddy" "Thanks Pyramid Head" *another High Five* So who would you have as a bad guy bff?
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    I leave for basic training on tuesday, any last minute advice?

    I am a member of the United States Coast Guard. Boot Camp/Basic training for me starts tuesday. Anybody got any advice for me? Im told basic is usually the same in every branch, save maybe one or two different excercises. so if anyones a former member orstill active your advice is much...
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    Your favorite rule of combat.

    If you can see THEM, they can see YOU
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    OMFG! CA11 0F DUTY!!!!

    Because, apparently, your the only one who notices those complaints. Also, everyone plays their own way including noobs, get over it and deal with on your own. Developers arent going to change their plans because people complain about other peoples habits.
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    Escape to the Movies: Green Lantern

    Wow! Never thought to see Moviebob that riled up before. Honestly, I never really cared for DC comic heroes, especially Green Lantern, their just too bland to me. And I never thought this movie was going to do any good anyway. So , Duke Nukem Forever and Green Lantern, both giant budget...
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    Feed Dump: Black Metal and Nudity

    Its called a Gondolla, not canal boat...just sayin This show is like Duct Tape, very useful, reliable, and greatly appreciated to have
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    Getting raped is like getting a flat tire. Also, it's God's will. Fancy that.

    Goddammit! Even more reasons why my home state sucks ass. By the Way, I didnt vote for that asshole. Its the other 2+ million idiots who voted him in. And rumor has it that representative Pete De Graaf, had a cousin or some family member that got arrested for raping someone or attempted...
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    Believe it or not, Infinity Ward do listen to us.

    quick question, what is "quickscoping" and "killwhoring"?
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    E3: Microsoft Announces Halo 4 (and 5, and 6)

    Its always the people who say the most hate about something, and yet are rarely listened to. I for one, am glad that they are coming out with a sequel. I've always liked the Halo series, Yes, they are mindless, easy to predict story telling, but really. Who cares!? Studios ride this...