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    The Big Picture: Next Light

    I was kind of sad when I saw Mortal Instruments, for one moment I though he was talking about the Mortal Engines quartet and I was thinking "Holy shit, a film about moving cities eating each other, its going to be awesome" I can still dream.
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    Skyrim: Stormcloak or Empire?

    I got Skyrim for Christmas and am currently weighing the choices. At first I fled with the Storm cloaks because I was pissed I was about to be executed and Ralof was actually pretty cool. Then I actually went about and explored the cities of Skyrim and I have to say, the Storm Cloaks really...
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    The year is ending...what's your greatest accomplishment?

    Tough one, I graduated High School and got accepted to my first choice of university, but I also finally kissed a girl. Tough choice.
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    Tomorrow I start high school.

    Get to know your counselor (or academic advisor, it varies from school to school). These guys can help you get the classes you want and more often than not, write a recommendation for college for you. Get to know yours now and keep in contact and by the time you graduate, you'll have someone who...
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    If you could pick ONE game from your past to remake, what would you choose?

    Hack just add in the things that they had to cut (more side missions, dynamic economy and other things) and I would buy this game again even with its current graphics, which still look pretty good even today (The background set pieces in my opinion still look gorgeous).
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    Favorite game that tanked in sales

    I've got a couple: Freelancer [], it was an awesome space simulator that was a spiritual sequel to the Starlancer series. Sadly some features such as a dynamic economy and more open world elements were cut because Microsoft wanted to meet a...
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    The Big Picture: Americana

    Ditto, I actually gasped in excitement when Bob mentioned this, here's hoping they get the feel right or I'll be madder that Captain Haddock at an AA meeting.
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    You've just woken up naked next to the lead singer of the last band you listened to

    Whoever was the chick for the Moldova group that went to Eurovision 2010 (the group that Epic Sax guy)
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    The zombie rules: let's finally establish them.

    For the perfect defence against zombies, I shall quote a joke I heard, it goes something like this: "I'm not afraid of zombies, if the dead start to rise, I'll just surround my house with outward facing treadmills".
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    BioWare Could Move Away from Fantasy and Sci-Fi

    My gosh if that happened the universe might implode from awesomeness..
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    What's your Favorite book series.

    You Sir are awesome for having read both series. For me apart for the aforementioned two, I also enjoy David Weber's Honor Harrington and Safehold series (Napoleonic Wars in SPACE!!!!!!!! and medieval stasis ending on a human colony respectively.
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    Terran Marine Campaigns for City Council in Washington

    Sweet, I'll be living in Spokane in a few months, if I can vote then, this guy has my vote. I belive they live in Seattle.
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    Poll: Is Dragon Age 2 a bad game?

    This basically, I liked DA:2 but I definitely think it was one of Bioware's weaker games, combat improved, story was alright, but environments got an F-
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    You Can Live in ANY Work of Fiction for the Rest of Your Life!

    The girl Genius world, sure much of the world is devastated, and most government comes from autocratic mad scientists and there is the threat of a mind controlling enemy no one knows. Oh the other hand, Steam punk world filled with awesome contraptions, clockwork robots and MAD SCIENCE
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    303: The Ballet of Death

    Even if the game is not that good, it will probably go down in history as having the best trailer, thats somthing atleast. All inall i'm looking foreword to this game, especially since it has a focus on melee combat, which I think is sutiable for a zombie game.