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    Escapist Podcast - Science and Tech: 020: Music from Lightning, Printers, and EM Fields!

    Theremin would likely be easier to learn, but you could also consider a <url=>sheng if you're looking for an instrument that can be made to sound like midi music.
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    Feed Dump: Jerkin' It to Woods Porn

    So, this looks like a legitimate spider strategy to get people to destroy themselves. You've got the Welsh person from the Feed Dump story (who stories can't seem to agree if it was a man or a woman and it may have wound up being more than one person who decided this was a good plan before...
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    Assassin's Creed: New World

    Ran into an issue at 85 where the links and descriptions were flipped, so clicking the correct answer would send me to the link of the wrong answer. Also 108's link didn't have a complete code. The end bracket looks to be missing.
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    The Red Cross Wants Games to Respect The "Rules of War"

    Ok, I think we can all agree that an obligation to put in the rules of engagement would cause potentially frustrating issues and whatnot and limit how developers want to make their games. Having them included in some games, however, could make for some interesting experiences. New Question...
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    Escapist Podcast: 101: More Pacific Rim & Game Franchises

    There's a couple more theories about how the arms were used. Could have also been for holding females in place, holding prey, leveraging itself up after a fall.Could all be true, not like we use our arms for just one thing. Also, fun fact, they recently found a really good skeleton, now named...
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    Feed Dump: Insects for Dinner

    Step right up, and gather round! It's Graham's Pet Depot that you've found! With pups and kits and fishies, true, but others that could fill your zoo. Here's a python, long and strong. It's lacking ears, so sing a song as loud as you please, cause it won't care, just so long as you...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Wizard Chat

    By the Phantom Plane, you young pups are either idiots or insane. Blood runes on your body? What will they think of next, banshee essence injections? These aren't your everyday enchanted ink tattoos that you can dispel and wash off when you're done with them. This is blood, magical blood in...
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    Escapist Podcast: 071: Jumping the Cougar-Shark

    So I know I'm coming to this a week late, but I only just got to the episode and had to see if anyone drew the cougar-shark. Since it looked like no one had I wanted to see if it had ever popped up. Lo and behold, one image search later, an entry to a photo editing contest mixing land and sea...
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    Feed Dump: Drug Lobsters

    This and WTFIWWY have gotten me accustomed to a lot of news about stupid people doing stupid stuff, including people breaking into homes and doing non burglary things, but this is the first time I've ever heard of someone leaving a bill for those things. Weirder, still, trying to find the news...
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    No Right Answer: Best Fast Food

    I'm not convinced Dan and Chris have ground to stand on making fun of the combo of meat, cheese, and veggies. That's basically what burgers are. Just replace tortilla or taco shell with bun. If you've ever been in the Nebraska area, you'd know the answer is Runza. Also Freebirds! Giant...
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    Unskippable: Atelier Meruru, Part Three

    Did anyone else half expect some alchemy gone wrong monster to ooze out of the vat?
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    Clubbing at Pax Prime 2012

    Tempting the clubbers, Kathleen? That just seems like a fast way to get tired of club soda.
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    Tropes vs. Women Protagonists

    @Therumancer: I was moderately with up until you started generalizing and putting down the people complaining. You did say there are exceptions, but it still struck as pretty ignorant of you. Anyway, I generally agree with the main point, though I'm not sold on the political correctness thing...
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    Tropes vs. Women Protagonists

    Perception is a tricky thing. Author's perception, audience's perception, not to mention the range of perceptions within those. Just in this thread we've got Bayonetta as sexually empowered and sexually exploited, Ripley as a good empowered woman unless you consider she would've been a man in...
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    Escapist Expo: Songwriting with Miracle of Sound

    Your name story has me intrigued, now. Is the song Miracle of Sound floating around anywhere for curious people like me to find?