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    Experienced Points: Quality Still Matters

    Bob pointed out something in a recent episode of the Big Picture, that maybe it is gaming's natural market destiny to mellow out into a heavily saturated, easy to produce indie-game market like the one you describe going bust in the 80s with AAA gaming increasingly getting bogged down by its own...
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    The Big Picture: American Sniper Sucks (And It's Okay To Admit That)

    I sort of figured this is the kind of direction this movie would have to take, seeing as Chris Kyle, in real life, was a pathological liar and actually posthumously lost a huge defamation lawsuit against one of my home state's former governors. The dude wasn't a good man, and while I respect his...
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    Game of Thrones Abridged: "Breaker of Chains" - Thenns Hate Potatoes

    For some reason, I now feel the need to have an endearing conversation about potatoes with my own father before he is killed and eaten by cannibalistic barbarians.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls 2 - Prepare to Die Again

    I'd love to give these games a go, but as a college student I have neither the time nor the patience to spend hours on end dying. Perhaps some day in the distant future...but by then Inquisition will be out...
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    Escape to the Movies: Dhoom 3

    Her comes out this week and you decide to review some Bollywood movie that isn't being released hardly anywhere? I dunno, Bob, kinda let down.
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    Escape to the Movies: White House Down

    I'm sorry. This is the same guy who made 2012? Ugh, that movie was SHIT. And Bob gave a glowing review of it. I'm gonna have to hard pass on this one, Bob.
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    The Last of Us Review - A New Apocalypse

    Wow, I have anticipating this eagerly and it completely snuck up on me. Need it. Need it now.
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    The first videogame you ever played

    Pokemon Yellow was probably the first proper video game I ever owned/played.
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    Escape to the Movies: Star Trek: Into Darkness

    I'll have to echo your sentiments. I saw this movie two days ago for an early midnight premiere and absolutely loved it. It was much more entertaining than Iron Man 3. It really baffles me that Bob has given scathing reviews to both of these films. Is he upset that they brought Star Trek into...
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    What type of drunk are you?

    I am the bravest, happiest man in the world when I get smashed. Basically become the person I wish I could be all the time. Well, until I cross the 8 - 10 drink threshold. Then I just become a flat out incoherent idiot.
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    How do you define your nationality?

    I'm American and would define myself as an American. Sure, I feel a strong affinity toward my Scandinavian roots, and sometimes like to believe I'm actually Danish. But I'm not. I live in the U.S. and will probably for my whole life.
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    Poll: Which is your favourite Mass Effect romance?

    I cheated with Miranda but reconciled with Ashley in ME3. I liked her romance well enough, but I do agree with most on here that in retrospect it is a little bland. Miranda kinda got downgraded to shit character no one cares about in 3 anyway. I wouldn't even go there with Jack, and I've never...
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    How would you describe yourself back when you were a kid?

    Up until about 5th grade, I was a pretty, happy kid, who made friends with people rather easily. I sang a lot, and was probably more annoying than I thought I was, but I never let it bother me. Then my self-confidence and self-esteem were completely ripped apart by one particularly charismatic...
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    Glee Airs Performance of Jonathan Coulton's "Baby Got Back"

    "He should be happy for the exposure", just wow. That is probably one of the most insultingly snobbish things I've ever read. Fuck Glee.
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    J.J. Abrams Signs Up To Direct Star Wars VII

    Geez, you guys, you act as if they said they're giving Star Wars over to M. Night Shyamalan. Whatever, I for one really liked the new Star Trek (my dad who's a big Trekkie did as well) and think Mr. Abrams is perfectly capable of producing a perfectly adequate Star Wars movie. Nothing can be...