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    I have no idea what anyone said in this forum, but I am sure this wont be read and there are some essay long fights going on about -isms; so as a light-hearted individual I am going to lighten the mood a bit. And many more at
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    How to Talk About Games #3

    I was arguing with someone because of that last point, they insisted that their way of thinking a game is good is the only way, it was too pathetic to continue; it was almost as sad as when I was talking to someone and they felt there was a right way to play minecraft. Just let the scwableers...
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    Gallery of the Day - A Fluff Piece

    This really is very adorable, glad I saw it
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    Jimquisition: Neutered

    They do exist on these forums and jim does read the comments to his escapist videos as well as his destructoid articles; so if he sees it here then he will do something about it here, if it is there then he will do something about it there
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    Jimquisition: Neutered

    You aren't in any position to determine whether or not someone's opinion is invalid on something that isn't fact-based like whether or not you like a game. If someone determines a game based on artstyle, that is their opinion; and it is a valid opinion because that is how they judge their games...
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    Jimquisition: Neutered

    But if that person personally thinks that artstyle is a very significant part of the game, then who are you to say otherwise; people are allowed to like and dislike whatever they want for whatever reason they want. Just because it is a game doesn't mean anything, games are not in some special...
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    Witcher 3 Dev Creates Semi-Official Witcher 2 Mod

    website has crashed due to traffic, is there a torrent or something like that where I can find this mod?
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    Geekend Update: Reuseable Rockets, 3D Printed Implants, and Life on Mars

    I enjoy this series, thank you for making it
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    The Big Picture: The 90's Didn't Suck

    I was born in '95 and I think your right, also I wonder about that too
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    Offer a new twist on an overused concept.

    This is actually a really good idea, also you shouldn't be the only person who does anything in the world; people should be able to be self-sufficient, you as the player shouldn't be hunkered down with a ridiculous number of quests that most people would be fine doing on their own in real life.
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    MIT and US Army Unveil Prototype Sensor Uniform

    I knew it, we are living in the future
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    World's First Cyborg Speaks Out

    "lets become robots" "that sounds like a good idea"
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    BioShock Mockumentary Separates Truth From Legend

    Watch it in 240p for the full experience!
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    Canadian Government Stands Firm Against Zombies

    Reminds me of this...
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    NASA Launches New, Powerful Imaging Satellite

    Another one bites the dust, I wonder who it was this time?