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    Anime to game and game to anime

    No, this isn't a thread saying how these things usually suck. I actually found myself enjoying most anime games I've played, and mot game animes I've watched. So this is just a simple discussion thread. So what games do you think would make great animes? What anime do you think would make a...
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    "That's not how the game is supposed to be played!"

    usually i go through melee only runs in oblivion or fallout, on the hardest difficulty. You'd be amazed at just how badass you feel from punching the fuck out of vampires...
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    Do video games affect you in real life?

    I never thought that I wouldhave any reaction to things in real life that remind me of video-games, but today I heard a printer that sounds like a turret locking onto you in bioshock. I nearly jumped out of my seat, and for one second wondered what plasmid I was going to use and whether or not I...
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    Assassin's Creed 2 Set During French Revolution?

    Wow... nerd rage is built up so much now... I have to fight so hard to keep myself from getting in a huge argument about how good assassins creed was
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    L4D valid guest problems

    For some reason, the 360 version of L4D wont let me sign on a guest, and I have live gold. It says it needs a profile with a valid membership. Why is this? I ussually have no problems with guests.
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    Biggest immersion killers.

    How I cant move while aiming in resident evil. I don't know about you all but I would be running my fucking ass off and shooting at anything that resembles a body, not taking my time and carefully aiming in any scenario in those games. Its really unexcusable on 5, especially after dead space and...
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    Commercials You Wish You Could Physically kill.

    i like thosse commercials. They are funny and have catchy tunes... But I really hate the finnaly fast commercials. First off, its a scam. Second, the errors they show on it arent even real errors, and the ones that are have nothing to do eith how fast your internet conection is... And finnaly...
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    Something you want to know before you die

    Nope, sorry. Bye. Something you feel when your baby don't hurt you. Look out for that bus. What I would want to know is how many licks it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop. I'm serious by the way.
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    oddities you have noticed in games

    Well, they say they will have fire, grenade, bullet, missile, napalm and electricity proof doors ready in a few years...
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    The Left 4 Dead, and The Orange Box Achievement Generator

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    An idea for a good video game movie

    Well, t could just be a straight to dvd, or an extended trailer...
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    An idea for a good video game movie

    A full length feature film of team fortress two, written and directed by the same people who made the "meet the" trailers of course, and with the same art style as the the game obviously. I would pay a lot to see that, even though it couldn't really have a cohesive plot. P.S. sorry this was...
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    Doesnt matter if they are as good as the recorded versions or not. They play so damn fast, I listen to them, even though I hate the music itself. They are so fucking insane, I really don't think they are human.
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    F.E.A.R 2 demo

    This is a demo, so I'm sure they'll clear up the A.I. a bit.
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    Killzone 2

    The movement looks a little weird to me, like the running would feel strange. I'm thinking about picking up Fear 2 instead of this.