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    Please help! Mouse troubles!

    I went in to install that driver you suggested but my computer said it already was installed :s. this is really weird and I am no computer genious
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    Please help! Mouse troubles!

    I went into control panel and system and tried to reinstall the driver but the wizard says "there was an error installing this hardware: Microsoft Wireless Mouse (intellipoint). Data error cyclic redundancy check" what does that even mean :S
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    Please help! Mouse troubles!

    I have a Dell Latitude D630 laptop and a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000. When I first got the mouse it worked fine right when I plugged it in. However I had virus trouble and had to get my computer wiped. My teacher at school reinstalled all the initial software, yet for some...
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    When/Where do you guys think the Death Penalty is justified, if ever?

    I agree here. Sometimes death is the only option, but it should be the last resort.
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    Worst Game Idea You Can Think Of

    Real Life. Working in a demeaning dead-end job, for no money and no satisfaction. Over and over again. Until the sweet release of death.
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    Page 56, Sentence 9?

    It's so good ahah. You'll enjoy it
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    Fallout: what draws you to it

    I haven't played Fallout yet, and I was wondering whether or not to give it a try. Some people tell me it's similar to Oblivion only with guns and some people tell me that those who say that are morons. Is it worth giving a go?
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    Who has ever seen or played the flash game "Exmortis"?

    Ahaha I started playing, and I started reading comments, and then immediately closed the window :P. I have so little tolerance for being scared.
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    Escapist (Or Other Online) Couples

    Nope, I use the escapist to get peoples honest opinions. Something you rarely get from people you know.
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    Your favourite quote!

    "Married life teaches one invaluable lesson: to think of things far enough ahead not to say them." Jefferson Machamer Another of my favourites aha.
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    Your favourite quote!

    "The most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing, and watch someone else do it wrong without comment." Theodore H. White Something everyone can learn from :P
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    Page 56, Sentence 9?

    "What's going on? Why is my father trying to kill us?" Running With Scissors, by Augusten Burroughs Which by the way, is a thoroughly amazing memoir, I heartily recommend it to anyone. If your wondering as to what it's about, hit me up with a message.
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    Poll: are we living in a dystopia?

    Most things are flawed. In my mind anyways, but that's a matter of opinion. Nothing can be everyone's perfect world, some people love peace, some revel in chaos.
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    Heroes you hated

    Robin! That smug bastard...
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    Should we stop the democracy experiment?

    There is no perfect government as mankind is extremely flawed in nature. The only thing that would work perfectly in my mind is, everyone does what the want for free, because they have a passion for that profession and helping others, no one gets greedy, and everyone shares and helps others, for...