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    VR and inhabiting someone else's body

    They've already done this to a certain extent.
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    Kids these days have it too easy!

    I do wonder what kids in 40 or even 50 years will be like. You'll tell them what life before the internet and mobile phones was like and it'll probably blow their minds.
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    Jurassic World - That final scene (spoiler warning)

    Went to see it last night and absolutely loved it. It was just so cool to see the park open and fully operational. The I-Rex and Mosasaurus were awesome, as were the T-Rex and the raptors. The early scenes with the Mosasaurus were very reminiscent of what you'd see at places like Seaworld...
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    Do you think it's strange to be making online friends with people under 18 as someone in their 20s?

    Not at all, back when I was 10/11 and playing Quake Arena, Wolf ET, pretty much all of my gaming friends were older and more experienced gamers. We were a really good crowd and they were all great players so I learnt a lot and got very good very quick. Similarly, when I got older my friend...
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    Teacher Suspended For Homemade Cellphone Jammer

    I think it's because you're not actually interfering with their phone or other communications. A classroom with a locker system still has a landline and the teacher's mobile where a jammer could interfere with multiple classrooms. If every class had a locker system everyone would know where they...
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    Sooooo... whatcha playing?

    Steam is installing GTA V. It's been downloading for the last hour or so and is only at 4%. Waited years though (don't own consoles) so a day or two more (if it takes that long), isn't going to bother me. I even went out and bought a wired Xbox One controller to use for the driving...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Won't Have Classes

    It's rather depressing to be a fan of team/class/objective based first person shooters at the moment and it's been like that for some time. The last decent one was Enemy Territory Quake Wars (2007). Brink was a prospect that I had a great deal of hope for but it released half finished and...
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    What is your Top 10 Games of all time?

    1. Quake Wars Enemy Territory. 2. World of Warcraft. 3. Half Life 2. 4. Portal 2. 5. GTA - currently III but could be V when I get it on PC; didn't care much for IV). 6. Crysis. 7. Dues Ex: HR. 8. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. 9. Command and Conquer: Red Alert. 10. Assassin's...
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    Ender's Game Actor Could Be New Spider-Man

    He's been in The Boy in Stripped Pajamas, Merlin (TV series), Nanny McPhee, Hugo and Ender's Game in which he's delivered good performances in all of them. It's actually nice to see a teenager play a teenager instead of a 25 year old for once. I think the people commenting that he's too young...
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    Poll: How do you prefer your movie viewing? 2D or 3D?

    Depends on the production. When 3D is done well is can be done very well. Avatar, Hugo and the Hobbit films were amazing in 3D.
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    Poll: rape worse than murder?

    There's a really easy way to sort this out. Someone puts a gun to your head and says "Take off your pants and bend over or I'm going to kill you." They do this whilst unzipping their own trousers making it obvious what they intend to do. How many of you refuse knowing you're going to...
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    Poll: Gender Equality

    Should men and women be treated equally? Of course, I hope that goes without saying. Is there a societal gender equality problem in the first world? Yes I believe there is. How are men treated better than women in society? Career wise men have way more opportunities and it's very rare...
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    What's the biggest thing you ever had spoiled?

    I'm a year behind every season of Game of Thrones because I wait for the Blu rays to come out, so I spend the majority of the year actively doing everything I can to avoid spoilers. I was doing a pretty good job of it for season three until one morning I tuned into one of the morning...
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    I'm an American, how can I get my hands on British chocolate?

    Jolly Goods, a British company based in the UK, sells British versions of chocolate and sweets that are altered for the US market, (see Cadburys), along with a wide selection of British chocolate that isn't sold in the US. Never tried them but maybe they'll prove to be useful to you...
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    UK Schools to report parents to the police if they allow their children to play 18 rated games.

    I'm a Teaching Assistant and we really don't have the time to be doing this, especially over something so trivial. It's not even illegal. It might be illegal to supply an 18 rated game to under 18s but that surely only applies to retail, a parent is perfectly within their rights to buy an 18...