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    All PS4 Games Will Be Available as Downloads

    I call b.s. No PC game ever made was 50 gb, even with patches/expansions etc. PC games are typically more graphically demanding than their console cousins and that still applies today. The PS4 is still a computer at heart, with nothing more than an ATI 7850+, so something is completely...
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    A question for PC Gamers. Why all the hostility towards console gamers/gaming?

    (1) There are some people who prefer to play on their big screen tv. No, I will not move my tower PC into the room with the television. No, I will not run a 50 foot hdmi cable to the television, not interested. (2) Those that enjoy some console exclusives. This is less of an issue as in the...
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    Escapist News Now: PS4 to Stream PS3 Games Via Gaikai

    Oh boy, I am not a happy camper with the idea of "Streaming" older games. -I do not have an unlimited internet package, therefore I'd be really concerned about going over my download cap.