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    Emulator Help (All Legal)

    Ok so I downloaded WinUAE, a fre legal emulator for amiga. I then PURCHASED the kick image for amiga from a licensed vendor, i then PURCHASED the starlord roms from a legal vendor. I then tried to decipher the instructions from the winuae site. Apparently I am WWAAYY too wired to comprehend...
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    Class Action Against Bad Programing.

    Sigh, things like this are pointless and a complete waste of legal system time. Games are a PRODUCT, a privilege (however its spelt) . Not a right. If you don't like it then get a refund and don't use it again. This would be like suing toilet paper manufacturers for only being single ply.
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    Goddammit iTunes!

    It's apple, they screw their own user base all the time. Remember the fiasco they had when they brought out a new version of itunes that wasnt backwards compatible? you had to get new itunes software that only worked with the newest apple OS and devices.
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    New US ISP sanctioned/controlled piracy database will mean the end to internet privacy.

    Theres still one major issue they are missing: a lot of piracy these days comes from what is referred to as "Rent and rip", they rent a dvd for a buck or 3 then rip it. Not entirely free piracy but still a hell of a discount.
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    question about incentive supplies

    I've been working on a book and I'm thinking about starting up a kickstarter page to keep myself motivated. For those who dont know what it is, it's a page where an author or whoever, posts up a sample of what they are doing and asks people to donate money towards the costs of whatever, such as...
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    Poult Care Advice

    Recently my neighbors brought us a poult they had rescued after its mother had been killed in a car incident. We've raised poultry before (chickens, which were killed off by another neighbor's dog =/). So the poult is very young, it has feathering on the wings, but its body is still fuzzy...
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    EDIT: Correcting myself.
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    Valve Discusses Charging Customers Based on Popularity

    My one singular issue is this: I don't play multiplayer games. I suck at them, end of story, thus I don't play. Why should I be forced to miss out on the discount because I spare people from my multiplayer rage outs? Aka, why should you get a discount just because you play nice on...
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    Torrents, Why?!?

    This mostly depends on where you go. Example: "Site A" which I have never been too regardless of what any electronic device may foolishly say, contains 100% working torrents with 0 instances of viruses ever and are exact quality levels of the legitimate product. My own reasons still stand...
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    I have been threatened with 4Chan?

    A simple solution: One up him by reporting him to the authorities and watch as the cops pick apart his life. Especially if you drop the subtle hint that you suspect he is part of anonymous. Given the hunger the feds have for those people atm, it should give them an excuse to peer at him also.
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    On the Katana and it's wielder.

    If we ignore armor totally (because the right kind of armor will stop anything (hell 2 meters of water will stop most bullets). With no armor, a quality samurai sword (made with high quality materials of today with the complex quality construction techniques of that time) will quite easily...
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    Games make people violent.

    True, but then again we had prety realistic slasher flicks to make up for that. In all honesty it doesn't really add up, after all you see far more realistic violence from watching dramas on tv. Heck cops can be *excessively* violent at times.
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    Games make people violent.

    Wel if we take the level of violence from 20 years ago, DOOM, duke nukem, etc, then it was at least the same if nt more violent than current games. Current games are simply more realism based.
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    Games make people violent.

    Its a simple case of this: We all grew up with access to these games. We are not violent. Thus its a load of ballocks.
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    On my little laptop for daily writing and general office stuff linux is great. Does exactly what i want. For everything...I prefer windows. Less hassle, more user friendly.