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    Parents on Facebook

    My mother actively uses Facebook and I've got her added. Thing is, she's really cool when it comes to half the strange shit I say and more often than not, wouldn't even understand what I was going on about anyway (Or so she claims). My friends seems to get a kick out of seeing her like certain...
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    Rare stuff you own

    I collect anime figures and by and large those are a fairly limited run. The ones that get recast are usually different to the original run in some respect too.
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    Have you ever bought a game multiple times?

    I bought Ninety Nine Nights 3 times due to a series of random circumstances.
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    That one game you want to be announced.

    I'd sell my balls for a remake of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 with the graphics of 6.
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    Poll: ME3 EC didn't fix anything

    This ending was so bloody good.(Edit; By this one I meant the refusal ending, for some reason quoting decided to fail on me) I actually teared up and almost cried.
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    Tera Unveils the $25 DLC Horse

    It created lot's of anger in the community. I remember huge threads of anal pain on the general forums but it wasn't a huge deal or very big news for anyone outside of the WoW community.
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    Diablo 3 Review

    My only actual gripe with D3 so far has been friends randomly joining my game. (I did eventually find the option in the menu to prevent this, before people point it out to me :P but until then it was a pain ) 6 times out of 10 this resulted in me dying on my wizard due to unfortunate timing...
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    (Completed) Help with survey please [Caffeine and tiredness]

    1. 1L 2. 0L 3. 15-20L (This is hard to gauge since I drink like 6-10 cups of tea a day sometimes more) 4. 56 hours 5. 7 6. A combination of relatively unhealthy eating, lack of exercise and I have iron deficient anaemia (The last isn't such a big deal since I started taking iron supplements...
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    What are your tagged skills in real life?

    Comprehension Crafting - Mechanical Engineer by trade. Weapons - Insomuch as I do Archery
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    The last movie you watched, is your life story.

    I watched Sex Drive. . . . Seems legit.
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    BioWare Slays Dragon Age II Expansion

    I loved the titties off of Dragon Age 2. Unironically. I'm genuinely sad there will be no more to Hawke's Tale
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    Steam coupons expiring soon. Post what you have to give away.

    Cant be arsed typing em all out so here is a screenie of all my coupons. 15 in total Wouldnt mind trading the lot for a cheap game or something. May as well try to get something for em =/
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    The last time a game made you rage.

    As far as I'm aware the true ending will be available in future dlc story expansions. . .
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    The last time a game made you rage.

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Now that was absolutely infuriating.
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    Poll: Would you date a transgendered person?

    That's great to hear. I guess never having been in love before I can't even begin to fathom what I'd actually do in the situation. No matter how cliché your point it really is reassuring to know that.