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    Poll: Have you got Super Smash Bros Wii-U?

    European scrub here, don't get it till next week. I suppose one week is better than the grueling months that it took for Brawl to come out over here.
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    What do you do to help you relax?

    Honestly... Smoking weed, drinking tea (preferably earl grey), and listening to trippy 70's Progressive Rock albums on vinyl record, mostly at the same time. Yeah, I relax in style.
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    do you only listen to a certain type of music?

    I listen to a whole lot of stuff, despite my extreme admiration for the 90's Shoegazing scene. Recently, I've wanted to get listening to more rap music, having not really scratched the surface of the genre, unlike something like say Post-Punk, which I have pretty much listened to every album...
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    Best RPG You Never Heard Of, Nocturne, Rated for PS3.

    The European version Titled "Lucifer's Call" is common as muck, I own it. In fact, I find that kinda strange that Shin Megami Tensei games over here aren't too rare (a few are somewhat Uncommon), but in America they are worth a lot of money each, and it's like the reverse with the Tales games...
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    Any Titanic enthusiasts on here?

    Well, I live on the shoreline overlooking Southampton Dock, where the Titanic started it's doom voyage. Always been kinda fascinated with the ship, it's gloomy wreckage, and it's very iconic design. It's sad that the last person who was on the Titanic died just recently, but then again she...
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    Recommend me some REALLY BAD games.

    Rascal! Holy shit, that game is god awful, but it being a game that I used to play in my childhood, I have some really weird nostalgia for it though.
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    Rock albums that are actually good

    Wow, assume much? I do like the 90's, but I also love the 80's, 70's, 60's, and hell I like a few non Rock tunes from before the 60's. It's just that the late 80's, and early 90's was a very experimental time for Rock music. Most of the Rock's conventions and foundations were made, and...
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    What games are you "loud and proud" to be a fan of?

    Final Fantasy VIII is a big one for me... A huge fan of the game, but I'm not ignorant to it's flaws, and the fact it's quite hated on the net, and in the fanbase (which came as a big surprise to me, when I first realised). I have played all the Final Fantasy games (except for XI, and a...
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    Rock albums that are actually good

    Well, my tastes are very old school as you can probably tell. So, what I'm really looking for personally is old genre's that have been discarded and faded out in time, brought back with modern production, and modern elements. That's why I like new bands like The Horrors, because they brought...
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    Rock albums that are actually good

    But one could argue, pass the early 90's Grunge/Shoegaze era, everything was done to death, and there was nowhere else for Rock to actually go. Rock has pretty much hit it's creative celling already, thus since the late 90's, it's been on life support, with a few hard jumps in the monitor when...
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    Rock albums that are actually good

    I'm liking your nod to Loveless, I think everyone should at least listen to that album just to form an opinion on it. Everything MBV inspired, or bands that inspired MBV, are incredible too. In fact I can go far as to say, that I have never heard a terrible band that spawned from them...
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    How young is too young for you to date? Acceptable age range?

    Love knows no boundaries, if you truly love someone who is much younger than you, I say go for it, considering he/she's at the age of consent, and has a certain maturity to him, or her. Don't let societies silly views and opinions cloud your judgement. At the moment, I'm nearly 25, but if I...
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    So... Borderlands Pre Sequel. Gearbox milking the ip like Atlus with Persona

    Well they are not milking those udders dry like Ubisoft is doing with Assassins Creed, but Gearbox really should shake things up a bit, that Borderlands Cel shaded artstyle is starting to get real old, and from I can tell, the gameplay hasn't changed much either. Wow Oxygen, Much change, So...
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    Gauntlet Gets a Major Facelift For Steam

    Good to see another old franchise get a new lease on life... I hope it's good.
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    Games into tv shows.

    Strictly speaking, that already exists in Halo Legends, they have CGI short stories in it as well as anime bits, think of animatrix, and you're pretty much there. Here's one of them, Halo Legends: Homecoming, the only real anime adaptation of Halo there has been so far. Most people...