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    Games you like but no one else seems to know about/like/understand

    Okage: Shadow King (PS2), Jade Cocoon (PSX), Jade Cocoon 2 (PS2), Legend of Legaia, and Azure Dreams.
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    Jalapeno and Chedder Doritos, video games, and canadian coca-cola. I am going cold turkey on that last one, must give up the coke!
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    187: Parents Just Don't Understand

    My father and my mother's brother are the reason I got into gaming. They both had the Atari, and Intellivision. My mother saw how much my older brother and I enjoyed playing the games so she ended up getting us a NES. She never enjoyed video games herself, but saw them as good entertainment for...
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    Snow Day!

    Snow Days growing up were awesome. I lived immediately next to the City of Windsor, which rarely ever got snow days. However my town was counted as part of Essex County and if they declared a snow day then we also had snow days. It was always fun to laugh at my friends who lived in the city who...
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    Celebrities from your hometown?

    We have had a few famous people who were from here. Tie Domi, Ed Jovanovski, Bob Probert, The Tea Party (Jeff Burrows, Stuart Chatwood, Jeff Martin), Shania Twain.
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    Why do people spoil things without caring?

    Does it count as spoiling a movie if it is a remake of a movie that was based off of a book? If it is then I guess I should have apologized to my Math teacher in grade 11 when he overheard me talking about a movie with a friend.