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    Are Glitches Always Fun to You?

    Glitches are never funny for me. They can be useful sometimes, if you can exploit them for an advantage, exp/items/damage/etc, but they're never really fun. I fall through the ground in games regularly anymore, destroying my immersion in the game world. I had to stop Borderlands 2 because...
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    Is Bruce Wayne a Furry?

    Oh, Superman definitely has a human fetish. It's probably unhealthy, but considering the only Kryptonians around are his cousins we should just be glad he doesn't has an incest fetish.
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    Titans Live Action series is gonna come out on Netflix?!

    I just can't get over than they look like they dressed out of the same thrift store as The Creeper in Batman TAS.
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    Critical Mix: 007

    Well there's no way they're still living with Erin. She'd never allow fresh fruit in the house.
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    Zero Punctuation: Shenmue

    I remember Shenmue blowing my mind when it was first released on the Dreamcast, but it was pretty rough even then. I can't imagine what it would be like going back to it today.
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    Experienced Points: The Achilles' Heel of Steam

    I mean, no one ever went broke betting on Microsoft continuing to be bad forever.
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    Critical Mix: 002

    Just call Yahtzee, his imps got loose again.
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    X-Play's Game of the Year Awards. Ah the nostalgia...

    I miss the Golden Mullet awards for the worst in gaming. In fact, I miss X Play in general, that show was legit.
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    Zero Punctuation: The Crew 2

    I only know The Crew exists because Ross's Game Dungeon did an episode on it.
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    The purge of adult games.

    Red Alert 3 literally had a Japanese schoolgirl named Yuriko that had all of Yuri's powers.
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    Animeme thread

    You could totally use a shot from the new Tenchi series for the NOW image.
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    10 years of loss

    I never read CAD, but I read Bigger Than Cheeses. That guy HATED CAD, and it was awesome. When he ended his comic the last thing he did was crap on Loss one last time. And when he started it back up years alter, the first thing he made sure to do was start crapping on Loss all over again. I...
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    The purge of adult games.

    Hahaha, you have NOOOO idea how popular Yuri is!
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    Leaked info reveals a bunch of new games that are gonna be shown at E3 2018.

    There's no way they're remaking Dragon Quest 2. I'm the only person that would buy that and 2 isn't that popular anyway. Also because 1 isn't mentioned and 1 and 2 are always packaged as a pair because neither is that long. Could it be just a messed up listing for Dragon Quest Builders 2...
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    Why is incest such a popular theme in Anime and Manga?

    HA HA HA! Yeah, just a little incestuous. A pair of sisters who are already Tenchi's great aunts. All total, Tenchi's harem contains 3 pairs of sisters, 2 mother daughter pairs, and 1 mother granddaughter pair. That's between 6 girls, and that's just what I remember off the top of my head...