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    New Persona Game Listed on Voice Actor's Resume

    I rarely comment on threads, but I had to when I saw this article. I loved playing Persona 4: Golden, and had enjoyed the other games, but like the poster I would love an entirely new story. Persona 5 with only vague references to the previous Persona games would be ideal.
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    Nintendo's First Quarter Shows Rising Profits

    As the others have said, I think you need to double check the figures for this article. If they sell 900 million units its about one unit for every eight people in the world!
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    Gorgeous Grand Theft Auto Mod Gets Final Release

    Some of those scenes looked utterly amazing. Only the NPCs gave it away sometimes, and even then it was hard to notice with the time lapse. That aside I can't believe that GTA IV came out four years ago!
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    The Walking Dead Episodes 1 & 2 Review

    I think its just $5 per episode, so all five episodes will be $25 in total. You can pay the full price to get all the episodes and download them when they're released.
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    Are the "A Song of Fire and Ice" books worth reading?

    In my opinion they're definitely worth a read, especially the first few books at least. The latter books seem to be taking a while to get anywhere, but thats because theres loads of new characters introduced into each book, making progress a lot slower.
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    Best Batman Movie

    Mask of the Phantasm. Its an animated movie, but for me sums up the character better than any other Batman movie.
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    It's Old Flames Only in Mass Effect 3, Says BioWare [UPDATED]

    Does anyone know if ME3 will have symbols next to dialogue options like in DA2? It would be helpful to know how early some of the romance steps are in the next game. Femshep could flirt with Jacob (without any consequence) early on in ME2 while it took completing most characters respective...
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    MineCraft Goes Ghibli in Custom Map

    Wow! I love both the studio ghibli movies and minecraft, but never thought about how well they could cross over! Laputa was amazing, made my attempt at a floating castle look like a joke. I love how much I recognised the sections from the movies. Now I all I have to do is to download that...
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    I just don't understand people. (LA Noire related)

    When I first heard about L.A Noire I was more interested than I was for GTA4. I'm one of those people who liked the CSI games for PC a few years back and this looks similar, but with far superior story and gameplay. If people want to go on a rampage killing spree in a sandbox setting, they...
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    Prop Maker Builds Incredible Talking Portal Turret

    Thats really impressive. I'm sure a lot of portal fans would love this. Now we just need them to do the turret song and my life will be complete.
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    Pokemon You've Trained that NO-ONE Else Trains EVER!!!

    Here's some unusual ones that I used: Gen 1 - lapras, amazing against the elite four. Gen 2 - ampharos - had it since a tiny mareep, used it to catch legendaries. Gen 3 - hariyama - ridiculus amount of health, gave it leftovers making it even tougher. Gen 4 - roselia - couldn't find a stone...
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    Favorite past-gen RPG and why...

    For the PS1, Final Fantasy VII. My brothers and I loved the gameplay and storyline. Walking through Midgar, climbing the rubble to reach shinra headquarters in the first part of the game, i get goosebumps thinking about it. For the PS2 I would have to say Persona 4, amazing characters, and a...
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    what was the first video you that you watched on the escapist?

    My brother introduced me to the escapist through Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation review of Bioshock. I watched the others that were up and I've watched everyone of the reviews since.
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    Poll: Who is your Favorite Mass Effect 2 Team member?

    Of the new squadmembers, I chose Mordin. He had a lot of the best lines in the entire game, and had a lot more dialogue than most of the other squad members.
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    Police Arrest Man for Stealing Consoles from Sick Kids

    I'm glad that the guy was caught, stealing from a cancer clinic that helps sick children is incredibly low. Glad he was caught, and hopefully when he's in jail he's asked why he's in there - "I stole from sick kids" - he gets whats coming to him.