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    Xbox One Version of Fallout 4 Comes With Backwards Compatible Fallout 3

    If it's GOTY edition that'd be great, I never got around to buying Broken Steel. If they were taking money out of their own pocket and bending over backwards to please us I might believe they were making up for shortcomings in Fallout 4, but what would this actually cost them? I'm sure it's...
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    Poll: fallout 4's analysis/ problem with a voiced protagonist

    Sure. I mean it's not like any of the four or five options in other games were exactly what I wanted to say either. Thinking back, they were usually a question, some dickhead answer, or some nice answer anyway weren't they? It'll be fine. Not fussed about the backstory either, slate gets wiped...
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    Stuff you hope to see and be able to do in Fallout 4

    I want to hack an arm off and get a badass cybernetic replacement. And a cybernetic eye. And implants that are different to 'Magical thing we shove in your brain that makes you better at stuff'
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    Nobel laureate forced out of studies after making joke about women

    Every single woman I know said good fucking riddance, he did good science and we should celebrate his achievements but not his person. He and men like him are the reason they've been told they should stay out of science, that they should do something pretty instead, that 'oh I didn't think you'd...
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    The First Fallout 4 Details Revealed - Update

    Ah, found it. Well, shit
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    The First Fallout 4 Details Revealed - Update

    I am so fucking pumped. Not even that put off by the set backstory. I mean, in F2 your backstory was limited to a tribal with a family with set personalities, descended from the vault dweller, etc. and that was alright, and in New Vegas even where you're a well-travelled courier. So I'd say a...
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    Poll: Do you have any Pet names for you boyfriend/girlfriend/companion.

    Nothing seems right, I've just ended up calling her lovey. Only when she's sad or needs a hug though, otherwise just use her name. It's weird, over a year now and we've called each other's name to get their attention like three times each. I guess when I need her attention she's usually within...
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    Rampant Police Brutality and Media censorship in Ferguson Missouri

    I've been wondering what on earth Obama is going to do when he hears, now my thoughts are why hasn't he heard already? What the hell is going on?
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    Poll: Breakfast: Sweet Or Savory?

    I tend to wake up late and have breakfast and lunch in one go, so it's something savoury and solid that'll keep me going 'til dinner. Usually means bacon, sausage, or egg, usually in a sandwich for convenience. Usually more than one of those things. Most of the time I chop a little spring onion...
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    Do you have any weird hygiene quirks?

    Don't wash my hands in public toilets. Sorry, hand-washers, especially guy who would tell me in public. But have you seen public toilets? No way anything in there is clean. Some people do their business, then just rinse their hands and get grossness all over the taps and door handle. I'm not...
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    Poll: Jim Sterling Calls Out New Assassin's Creed (for racism/sexism?)

    Would not a game depicting a variety of peoples working together, free, as the assassins would desire it to be, be more fun and engaging than a game which is mostly white men? Even if it was rare, there was still definitely at least one or two people of colour who could be written into the...
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    Poll: Jim Sterling Calls Out New Assassin's Creed (for racism/sexism?)

    Well, Ubisoft clearly haven't been twiddling their moustaches and trying to force the view that all important things in history were done by white people or anything like that, so I wouldn't say it's racist. I would say that it would be cool to show more diversity, and it's a shame they haven't...
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    A Topic You Care About...Step 2 Initiated

    Human goddamn beings. Every time I hear somebody say things like "Oh humans are rubbish, we don't have any natural weapons and we're all squishy and so easy to kill how have we even survived" I am compelled to sit them down and explain how human beings are the best damn animal in the world. For...
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    The bright star of a family.

    ...Yes. Albireo, Al for short. If my name was bloody Albireo, I would never introduce myself as it and would absolutely dread school. I probably wouldn't like you very much either, no offence. Just imagine the school conversations though. First off the teacher attempts to pronounce it, so you...
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    How do ya shave?

    Soap and brush, get a lovely lather, rinse razor in almost boiling water between strokes (no idea if that's clever or not, but it feels fantastic), every four or five days. Works lovely, feels great during and after, I fucking love shaving.