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    Poll: What do other countries think of Japan?

    I would actually really like to take a trip to Japan someday, I think I'd have a great time and learn heaps. Also, their anime and video games. South African living in Australia here.
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    OPs & EDs Scrubs opening song will always have a place in my heart. Oh, and most of Bleach's OPs as well.
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    Dubbed verse Subbed

    I prefer subbed usually, but there are good dubs, like Haruhi, Cowboy Bebop, Akira and the Studio Ghibli films.
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    Metal Gear Solid - Which order should I play them in?

    Release order is best.
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    Im goin too play Morwind and i need mod suggestions

    Morrowind 2011 graphics mod, if you can find it. It's a compilation of the best graphics mods for the game.
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    Katawa Shoujo fan box art

    Pretty good work, OP. Although, with the back, you should probably have something of a much lighter colour for the background (i know it's only temp, but still). Also need a text box at the back that gives an overview of the game without spoiling anything.
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    The country of Africa.

    Africa isn't a country, it's a continent.
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    Nord Mead and You Died

    A little off topic, but I'd like to see a song about Tribes:Ascend
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    Bleszinski: Gears Became a Negative Stereotype

    In regards to a Band of Brothers style game, the Brothers In Arms series has come the closest in getting a similar feeling, while the gameplay still being fun and a bit realistic.
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    No Dubstep in gaming

    Dubstep isn't in most games, because it generally doesn't fit many contexts, and even if they tried, it wouldn't really work, except at a level that's a nightclub or something similar. And i watched the syndicate trailer and I thought having dubstep in there was shit. Industrial Rock/Metal...
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    Playing as a Different Gender

    I play as male characters in choice-motivated RPGs and stories as i feel it's more relatable for me. However, in certain games that are third person, the general rule is "If i'm going to be staring at the back of the character most of the game, the view better be good" and thus, i play as a...
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    Australasians, where do you get your games?

    Ozgameshop and steam are my main sources of games currently. I sometimes get something off of play asia or Good Old Games, though. got The Witcher 2 for $45 on release, because i set my country to united states, thus getting it cheaper.
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    Poll: Losing your virginity - Overhyped?

    Can't say,haven't fucked anyone yet, unfortunately.
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    Sovngarde Song

    Great song. I feel so awesome listening to it. With games to base songs on on, I'd suggest Saints Row 3, Red Orchestra 2 or Tribes: Ascend