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    The Big Picture: Je Suis Charlie

    The whole Charlie thing is a damn mess, especially on the Internet (which, as we all know, is so very good at showing nuanced opinions). I think I more or less agree with Bob on this one, which is quite rare for me, to be honest. Basically, I agree that both the nutjobs who decided to shoot a...
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2014: Clive Barker's Nightbreed

    So this is basically X-Men, except done right? Cool.
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    Tumblr Convention "Disaster" Unfolds at Illinois' DashCon

    Oh my god this is just perfect! While the stuff I subscribe to and read on tumblr tends to stay far, far away from any fandom or activism bullshit, I do occasionally run into re-re-re-blogs of this kind of stuff, and it generally makes me wonder if it's worth staying around on that site, just to...
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    The Escapist Presents: Olav & the Lute

    This post brings me much despair and you should really feel bad for saying this. This game is basically Loom.
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    Don't Blame Games, Blame Pants

    Hey, screw you Shamous! I need my pants to keep people from looking at my hairy legs! And if we start shortening pants length where will it end? Next thing you know it, everyone will be out and about in their underwear, or just go butt naked! No, I say we keep our pants on our legs and blame a...
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    Every Other Game Ever

    Oh wow. It only took 10 posts for this thread to Godwin itself. That's pretty damn fast. Also, nice comic I guess.
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    The Big Picture: The Big Picture of Boston

    So wait wait, hold on. in the 19th century, a bunch of people decided they might possibly find remnants of Norse settlements on the shores of Boston, so a bunch of Norwegians suggested they build a statue. Of an Icelander.... Oh America, will you ever change?
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    "Phah!What planet are you from?" -The Entirety of Human History But seriously though, I don't think any of this is that big of a deal. Yes, people who have money are going to try and make more money. They will likely succeed. As long as you get the stuff you want (a tv show, a game or...
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    offended by the word fat?

    To quite a random guy on the internet. "I'm not saying you should worry. All I'm saying is - You're fat. Know it. Be it. Eat less." That's about it, really. We live in a cruel and rough world. Even if your world is safe enough so that you can stuff yourself with enough food to become this...
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    Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Review

    I do admit I'm more of a fan of the second game (I've finished baldur's gate 2 + throne of baal, and just baldur's gate 2 on it's own, but never the first one), but even then I've played quite a lot of the first one, and...I honestly don't get what the people who talk about dying in the early...
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    The Big Picture: Skin Deeper

    Ah Bob just had to bring up the casting in Thor in this. As for the subject of race...I honestly don't see what the big deal is. I dunno, maybe it's because I live in a country where it's rare for me to meet people of a different race than mine (well that and gypsies, but whatever), and maybe...
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    Graveyard of the RPGs

    Holy shit I was just thinking of where I put some of the old maps and character sheets I have lying around the apartment. I wonder if they'll accept stuff that's not in English, though.
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    The Big Picture: Hercules Part One

    See that Clash of the Titans? THAT is how you make a Greek Mythology movie without having to deal with actual Greek Mythology. You just throw the entire thing out the window (And into space, apparently) and roll with whatever you want. You don't continue pretending it's the same damn thing...
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    The New York Times Slams Game of Thrones Viewers

    *****, I'd kill a small child and a nun to get someone to make a TV show with the Game of Thrones budget based around the D&D setting of Planescape. A small child and a NUN!
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    Escape to the Movies: Wrath of the Titans

    Yeah, I'm sorry....what? Bob, you might not have any memories of the first movie because you watch so many movies, but I have a very, very distinct memory of it sucking so hard it created a fucking black hole in the universe.