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    Batman: Arkham Origins players, what is the complete villain roster? (Obviously spoilery territory)

    Thanks for the really comprehensive answer, that was great!
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    Batman: Arkham Origins players, what is the complete villain roster? (Obviously spoilery territory)

    I'm a huge Gothamverse fan who loved the previous two games and I wanted to know who was appearing in the game before purchase. The rumours from the promo material mean that it's kind-of hard to get a straight answer of who is actually appearing other than the big hitters, so I'm appealing to...
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    Unskippable: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

    Is the point to mock a game no matter what? Yes. Yes it is. Unskippable is a comedy show which mocks opening cutscenes. Whether or not you personally enjoyed the game is of no consequence. I have enjoyed many of the games featured on Unskippable, but that doesn't stop the cutscenes and Graham...
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    Trailers: Derrick The Deathfin - Teaser Trailer

    What a fun-looking platformer; the gameplay looked like it had good flow and I like the idea of whale boss-fights. Also, as a massive fan of South Park, I love the cutout/origami look they've used. Very quirky, should be good.
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    Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3 And The Case For A Gay Shepard

    Um, you just mistook sarcastic reductio ad adsurdum of your argument for me missing the point, which is interesting as you actually use this rhetorical device yourself in the passage of your post that I have marked out with smiley faces. Your sound grasp of basic history, literature and the...
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    Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3 And The Case For A Gay Shepard

    Right, like how it isn't all that common for one person to stand up against the Geth army to defend the galaxy. You're right, those things are so super-rare, I don't know why they even put them in games: it just breaks immersion for me completely.
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    Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3 And The Case For A Gay Shepard

    Seriously, seriously, thank God for Jim. I love his show anyway, but this video was perfection formed from a shitstorm of ignorance. It only makes sense in a game that let's you bang an alien that it should let a dude bang a dude or an (Earth-biology definition) chick bang an (Earth-biology...
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    Binary Domain Review

    SEGA, y u no let me play as the awesome French robot?! Ah, maybe this is weird, but I always get annoyed when a game creates awesome robots and forces me to play as Military Meatsack #411. Games are about escapism and I am a meatsack every day so why won't they let me be a robot?
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    Unskippable: Dead Island

    Ah yes, the Dead Island intro sequence. I remember watching it for the first time and thinking "not only does the 'meeting yourself while drunk' thing make no sense, but the obnoxiously long (and in the case of Xian Mei, f*cking ludicrous) slow-scrolling voiced backstories are some of the worst...
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    Pokemon choice

    I swear I'm not kidding: Geodude. I have loved that little angry rock thing since I was 7. But on a rational level, it's portable (Brock used to sometimes carry his in the show), intelligent, has opposable thumbs, is comically grumpy and super-loyal. Yeah, I still really like them. :D
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    The Big Picture: There Will Never Be Another Watchmen

    Yes, there will never be another Watchmen, but why would we *want* another Watchmen? Allow me to clarify; I love Watchmen, it's my favourite graphic novel- hell, book of all time- and I read a lot of both. However, I'm not saying the world shouldn't want another because of this, I'm saying...
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    Poll: Top 5 games of all time, no mean comments

    Your list is pretty awesome, can't fault it :) Mine is; 1. Alice: Madness Returns 2. Bioshock 1 3. Left 4 Dead 2 4. Beyond Good and Evil 5. Batman: Arkham Asylum (special mention goes to Silent Hill 2 and Bayonetta) Yeah, I love plot-heavy games, ideally with a lot of...
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    Trailers: Lollipop Chainsaw - Nick Vignette

    Awesome~ Dat Suda 51 humour, dem refs (San Romero High, "How am I still talking without a fucking thorax?!" and the whole concept of Nick essentially being from H.P. Lovecraft's Herbert West: Reanimator, and the uber-cheesy schlocky 80s film of it)... this is gonna be one hell of a game. XD
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    Trailers: Duke Nukem Forever - The Doctor That Cloned Me - Trailer

    Note how there was no release date in that trailer...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    You pre-emptively "you're welcomed" me, so I guess this is a temporally-mismatched "thank you".