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    Fallout 4 Review - Post-Apocalyptic Warlord Simulator 2287

    I love seeing fans of FO1 and 2 claim FO3 isn't good because it was made by Bethesda and that FNV is far superior in every way. The whole faction thing everyone claims is great? Only 2 of the factions really matter, all the rest are just there. Doing faction quests can break quests for another...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2015 - Hype Train Is Back

    I love having an ad playing over the top of the video.
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    The First Fallout 4 Details Revealed - Update

    Wrong release date. November 10th is the correct one.
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    Bethesda Announces New Digital Platform

    Nobody here watched the E3 announcement? was mentioned for DOOM maps and nothing else. If FO4 was going to that platform rather than Steam it would've been a big enough of a deal to announce it during the FO4 announcement.
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    The Witcher 3 Xbox Owners Ironically Locked Out Game Due to DRM Issues

    Best Irony explanation I have yet to see. Someone said the article is the only one saying they were forced to add the DRM. No MS requires it for all games on the Xbox. CDProjekt Red wanted to sell on the consoles store they had to include MS's DRM. If they wanted to sell it on Steam it would...
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    Valve Addresses Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hitbox Issues

    Why are they even using hitboxes? They can do the detection in the character models themselves just like rigging it to a skeleton. Far more accurate than a "box" that covers the body. Then it's just a matter of the code that runs the detection which is probably Valves issue here is they adjusted...
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    Valve Ends Steam's Controversial Paid Mod Program

    So Youtube doesn't exist? Apple and Googles Ap stores do not exist? ITunes does not exist? franchises the world over do not exist? Wow I mustve been on some really good drugs this morning when I watched a Youtube video that the content creator made 70% of the proceeds from the ad revenue. Yes...
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    Valve Ends Steam's Controversial Paid Mod Program

    Dude hasn't a clue. Many mod makers do want the ability to make money from mods, It's human nature after all to want something in return for hard work. What we didn't want was Valve and Bethesda's ham-fisted way of going about it. There was no protection from copyright violations, no legal...
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    Valve Ends Steam's Controversial Paid Mod Program

    Valve and Bethesda allowed donations on the Steam Workshop and Robin at The Nexus saw this and contacted Bethesda and got the OK to implement Paypal donations on The Nexus. Valve and Bethesda then decided to try and sell mods and removed ALL the Paypal donation buttons from the workshop. To get...
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    Valve Ends Steam's Controversial Paid Mod Program

    I disagree. Any donations should be kept private for 2 reasons. 1 is the reason you mention and that will cause a new mod to be a failure even if it is better than any of the ones similar that came before it, we had the same thing On Nexus with the endorsements and people refusing to try a mod...
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    Gabe Newell Speaks on The Whole Paid Skyrim Mods Debacle

    Steamworks isn't a mod manager, it is an installer. A mod manager helps you set the load order up correctly as well as install. If your load order isn't done correct you will start getting CTD's or mods just wont work correct. Don't use NMM use Mod Organizer instead. Far superior...
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    Gabe Newell Speaks on The Whole Paid Skyrim Mods Debacle

    You have never been involved in a mod community I see. Before this whole paid mods fiasco when Robin implemented endorsements at The Nexus assistance, mod resources, and just letting anyone use your mod with just credits were cut in half. That was just endorsements that raised your mods rating...
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    Gabe Newell Speaks on The Whole Paid Skyrim Mods Debacle

    I have over a dozen Skyrim mods published and I am against this. There was nothing wrong with the donation system and even better use the Humble Bundle technique of pay what you want from $0.00 to billions. The reason is the competition destroys the mod community. There are tutorials available...
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    Money for Mods: Valve Announces Paid Skyrim Mods

    Yeah What he said! Also fun fact, the modding community was already hurt when the CK came out for Skyrim and the scripts were compiled unlike previous titles that you could see them in uncompiled code to learn how someone made something happen. Many authors wanted to keep those tricks a...
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    Money for Mods: Valve Announces Paid Skyrim Mods

    How about this instead: Or this? Both are free mods so if it's broken and you find out a week after downloading you are out a whole $0.00! You have no idea on how copyright works do you? I have mods up...