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    The Escapist + - Get Your Badge Here

    Hello Nick, I joined up on April 21.
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    LoadingReadyRun: Fiscal Irresponsibility

    A little scary how well they called the collapse of the world.
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    Jimquisition: SimShitty

    Amazing how Cities Skylines is still kicking SimCity's ass.
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    The Big Picture: On The Subject Of Violence

    This feels ,sadly, too relevant 7 years later.
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    Jimquisition: How Skyrim Proves The Industry Wrong

    Whoda thought 8 years later Skyrim just won't die.
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    Escapist Under New Management (Again)

    Welcome back Russ. It's nice to have you back.
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    What types of anime are you into and why?

    Personally, I'm a huge fan of the mystery genera and Detective Conan is my favorite. Conan has been airing on an almost weekly basis since 1994 which makes it a really interesting time capsule of animation history. From the hand drawn era thought to the modern digital animation. It is a long one...
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    Paste?s Top 50 FPS of All Time

    How is Bioshock Infinite lower on this list than Bioshock 2? Why is Bioshock 2 even on that list? Far Cry 3 would have been a better fit. Also if you're going to put a Fallout game on an FPS list why go with 3? New Vegas was much better and the shooting actual worked in New Vegas.
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    What Weird Quirks/Habits Do You Escapists Have?

    Don't ask me why but I have to do a lot of things symmetrically. If I spin around to the left I have to also to spin around to the right. If my left arm itches I have to scratch the same spot on the right. If I swat at a fly with my left hand I also have to take then same number of shots with my...
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    "Arcade Game Finder" Websites?

    Emuparadise has a lot of roms available for almost everything: Their catalog is broken up by machine so you may want to start there. They also have links to the necessary emulators and instruction on how to set them up.
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    The best PS4 exclusives

    Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn are both excellent games. If you do pick up either just set a side a lot of hour because both take a long time to complete. Persona 5 took me 116 hours for the first play through.
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    Decent visual novels?

    The Ace Attorney series on the 3DS is pretty good.
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    Poll: Let's Talk about D&D!

    I prefer 5e but I only learned how to play when 5e came out so pretty biased over here. Also moonbeam is a great spell. Enemies, friends, friends in the way of/next to enemies, doors doesn't matter. Its just fun to conjure a beam on moonlight from my sword that burns everything.
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    Which newspapers/ news sites do you read?

    Reuters or the New York Times for me.
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    Games you want remade with better graphics?

    Give me any of the old PS1 Spyro games. At least an upgrade so their not a blur on an HDTV.