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    Gears of War Fan Creates Mindblowing Papercraft

    Nope, that was not the coolest thing I saw this month.
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    Mafia II is Not a Game

    I must confess - I replied without delving too much into what you meant about the future of video gaming. Now, having thought about it for a bit, I do see how this "interactive theater" kind of thing can be one way of the future for video games, exemplified by games like Mafia 2 (where the...
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    Mafia II is Not a Game

    I get the jarring feeling that mister Pitts hasn't heard that many stories in his life time. At least not good ones.
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    What Grade is Your Content Comprehension?

    Well, what a funny ending to quite an interesting article - I meant the question for the reader, of course, the one about grading oneself as a smartie or not-so-smartie. To me it seems like a quite vital ending to an article which might otherwise be considered as too snobbish itself and even...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Other Guys

    I'd tell you to grow somewhat up, bob, but you'd probably just take that as a compliment.
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    Escape to the Movies: Knight and Day ... also Smurfs

    It's getting somewhat irritating how highly you seem to regard yourself due to being a film critic. It's just a job, you know, like any other. And daybreakers was neither good nor special. Subjectivity hurts, eh?
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    Stealing From the Next Generation

    It saddens me what is counted as maturity.
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    Escape to the Movies: Daybreakers

    Well, this was an unbelievably boring and predictable movie and that an irritatingly fanboysh review (also, a few small social commentaries do not make a good movie - a retarded chimp could make a social commentary, but with their mind intact nobody would call that world-class). So if this is...
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    Review: Metro 2033

    This review is actually unfairly hurtful to the game - people, who have played it, see it for a game with some broken things, but still very much worth a play, but people, who have only read this review, now see it as ordinarily bad and hence skip it, which would actually be quite a mistake...
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    Decade of the Nerd

    It's quite cute how you call yourself (us?) & co more intelligent and then immediately start praising your lifestyle like there is no else. It's also quite arrogant since while the so-called "geek" culture can be a bit more intelligent than, say, your stereotypical American teen movie football...
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    A View From the Road: World Without Warcraft

    Wow, what a pointless article. I have nothing against the existence of WoW and if somebody truly enjoys it, well, have fun, but in an article like this one would expect it to be written by somebody with at least some grasp of objectivity, but instead we get a fanboy's love letter. Well...
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    France Passes Tough New Law Against Internet Piracy

    Heh, it took them three tries to at last start bribing the right people. Well, congratz to them, in the end it's still doubtful that it matters any.
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    Step Away From The Controller

    I find it funny how Obama and deception are mentioned in the same article. Deception's used rather poorly though since the context doesn't indicate deception, but more like stupidity and blind fanboyism, hence the inability to see ones' dearests' less positive traits.
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    Review: Damnation

    Never jump to conclusions - it makes you look pretty bad when it appears you're wrong as is the case now, aka I READ the article and skipped the video since the videos rarely offer anything at all and are indeed just a supplement(and too often quite pointless). If you can't begin to try and...
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    Review: Damnation

    Wow, it took half a review to get into the stuff that actually matters and even then it's not quite satisfactory. Damnation IS a bad game, but you seem to be disliking it for all the wrong reasons (graphics, the absence of the far-from-vital cover-system and whatnot), at least for the most part...