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    The Escapist Forum Badge Gallery - [ WE HAVE MOVED... AGAIN ]

    Ahh, exactly the thread I was looking for, much needed for the short article I'm writing.
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    Erotic Role-Play Police to Patrol World of Warcraft

    ERP does not belong in WoW, and I?m all for this. And the statement ?impossible to have someone watching all the time? is absolutely false. Now it?s up to the real roleplayers to get in there and bring quality RP back to Goldshire.
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    Funcom's Secret World is Anti-Grind

    An anti-grind element for MMORPGs already exists. It's called roleplaying. Perhaps one of these days a dev team will learn that and make a proper game. Maybe this game is it.
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    The Play?s the Thing

    Grand message here for MMORPG developers. Also, one should never be surprised when roleplaying happens in a roleplaying game, no matter the age or medium. Imagination is the key, and everyone has one and can make use of it to some degree. All that's needed is an opportunity. Bravo to you, Matt...
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    Army Vet Writes Books Based on <i>Brothers in Arms</i>

    I know Col. Antal in another manner outside of the great games he has his hands in - at the other website I work with, Armchair General ( I've not yet had the honor of meeting him in person, but I have read a...
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    Zero Punctuation: Crysis

    Another superb review. I'm just waiting for someone to ask, "Who's Columbo?" :-)
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    129: Midgar is Burning

    Very good article Leigh. However, I think the AOL Neverwinter Nights rivaled and even surpassed FFRP in many respects. In any case, these experiences did do their part to help introduce a new genre of roleplayers to the world of RP, and in that there is no fault.
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    Zero Punctuation: Guitar Hero III

    Haven't seen it mentioned yet, so I will. The review made Diggnation episode #130! Kevin seemed to be familiar with Yahtzee's reviews, but Alex had yet seen any. Damn fine review!
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    Zero Punctuation: Peggle

    I tried out Peggle after hearing the PC Gamer team rave about it during a podcast. After maybe five minutes, I wanted to shoot myself. After shooting the PC Gamer crew for going gaga over such a horrendous piece of crap. Stay away from Peggle.
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    Editor's Note: Who Are You?

    Indeed, a very good issue. Just missing one thing: an article written by me. :P If I lived near friends, I'd certainly have some classic RP going, by way of D&D, Twilight 2000, Star Frontiers, or something!
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    Seeing Red

    Excellent retro-spective into one of my favorite game protagonists. Nicely done!