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    Should you feel guilty for eating meat?

    Of course not! What else is cattle going to do with its life besides exist and who am I to argue with millions of years of evolution?
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    Escapist Podcast: Is Photorealism Needed for Gaming to Advance?

    Yes it does if only to make the game more immersive and appealing to a larger market, but the key is that photorealism = more power from the system, ergo the game can have more mechanics, physics, be larger etc. That's just rubbish! Many games already suffer from a lack of graphical...
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    Gabe Newell thinks Windows 8 will be a catastrophe?

    Newell is a jackass to put it bluntly. Firstly, Valve have not made a new game engine for almost a decade now thus it would come as no surprise if they were all in need of a few refresher courses/being brought up-to-date with modern programming. Secondly, he has said such extreme comments...
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    Escape to the Movies: Prometheus

    Urgh, what a silly review. Yet again, he reviews what he wanted rather than what was given. If Bob did not know about the changes made to the film (which are allowed as Ridley is you know, making the damn film), would he have mentioned them? Of course not.
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    Green Lantern is Gay

    Is the "Gay" Lantern really going to help with the storyline or sell more comics? No. Is it going to annoy every fan and shit on the entire back story? Pretty much.
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    Elder Scrolls MMO Won't Use The Old Republic Engine

    The engine determines everything. The reason DotA 2 and HL 2 use the same engine is because the Source Engine is very solid and flexible. The HeroEngine on the other hand is pretty shit and only benefits the devs work time. Knowing how the studio works, saying " a new engine" means...
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    Elder Scrolls MMO Won't Use The Old Republic Engine

    "Regardless, Firor argues that a game's content and quality isn't dictated by its engine." ....yes it is. The fact that they are using such a shitty engine as an alpha engine is worrying as it shows what style of gameplay they are aiming for (crap hotkey), and that the graphical fidelity...
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    Diablo 3's auction house is a factor in item drop rates.

    The issue is that there is no way for items to disappear eg bind-on-equip thus the market will always become saturated very quickly and deflation will occur.
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    Jimquisition: The Beautiful Irony of PC Gaming

    Derp. He utterly fails to realise that the games are made simple on purpose so that they can run on the consoles. If devs ignored the consoles, then games such as Portal 2 would have looked far better.........but of course a market 80 million larger is better than more shiny graphics from the...
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    Trailers: Star Wars: The Old Republic - 1.3 Update

    So it has taken up to V 1.3 to simply have features that should have been in from the start? *facepalm* Well no wonder players are leaving in droves.
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    Jimquisition: You Should Be Mad at Diablo III's Always Online DRM

    I rarely watch Jimq, and less often like or agree with him, but on this point, he is 100% right. We paid good money, Blizz have the expertise and time to prepare for what was coming..........yet they still fucked up. The worst bit is it will probably come down to one senior prick at Blizz who...
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    Can we talk about the "friend zone" and "nice guys" for a moment? can't follow analogies and now you don't understand sarcasm. I think the issue here is communication on your end. Again, you don't address the actual topic and are going off on some bizarre and irrelevant tangent. What on earth does an increase in fatalities have to do with " Friend...
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    Can we talk about the "friend zone" and "nice guys" for a moment?

    Actually everyone of my posts has addressed OP if you cared to have read the replies, you however are utterly off topic due to your inability to understand analogies. You also like to read into trends as mortality increases for every age group after 10-14, so are 50 year olds partying like mad...
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    Can we talk about the "friend zone" and "nice guys" for a moment?

    a) You think the topic is stupid yet post in it? Hm, I think there is a word for people like you in forums. b) Your wording is very unusual and says many things about you. c) Studies...from the US. Until it is done elsewhere, it could be results purely due to US culture. From my life...
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    Can we talk about the "friend zone" and "nice guys" for a moment?

    What I don't understand is that the other person in the debate had no problem understanding the analogy, so why do you? You make it far too complex and use the English language in a very unusual way, thus I think the issue is at your end, not mine. Also please don't confuse your strange...