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    8 Glorious Years of Zero Punctuation

    i first heard of zp on G4 tv,alway quacks me up and yeah saved me a shitload of money for beer instead of crap games...cheers all =P
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    Attacks Cause Sony to Rebuild PSN Infrastructure

    gee ... wouldn't it be ironic if they hacked psn using a ps3 ... and yeah i know the ps3 browser sucks
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    GDC 2011: EMP Expert Supports Realism of Homefront

    gee ... considering that most of our electronic toys come from asia ,korea ,japan i seriously dout they would use an emp to destroyour toys ... it would be away to get us to buy new stuff as for me , if it happened the labor rates i charge would be so high i'd survive ... yes i am a mech tech...
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    What games can we look forward to in 2011?

    la noire... driver sf wish list ... GTA V.... saints row 3 ... borderlands 2
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    Rumor: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven Team Up For Modern Warfare 3

    why can't they wait a couple years , and actually listen to the fans ideas ... and please no zombies
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    Daily Drop: Teracotta Sheep

    that is baaad , kinda saaad too... i'm sorry .. i'm really sorry ... lmfao
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    Good games that never got Sequels

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    Zero Punctuation: Call of Duty: Black Ops

    gee this was a great review , black ops should of been an add on to mw2 ... zombies again ? i hate fuck'n zombies ... as for the game it should of been a multiplayer game only with a training mode to get players leveled up faster... as for earning cash in the game ,that was pointless
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    Online Congestion Crippling Single Player Mode in Gran Turismo 5

    gee they took their time making gt5 ,you would think they would of thought of this earlier ... besides forza 3 was good and gt5 should of been a ps3 launch title
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    Billy Bob Blames Games for the Sorry State of Hollywood

    gee billy bob , if you and other actors quit while your ahead it would be great ,same goes for the game industry but hollywood cranks out lots of crap too , so shut up already
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    Question of the Day, November 25, 2010

    gee left overs get boring after day 2 , and being canadian ,our thanksgiving is in october forgive the triple post , just like left overs
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    Question of the Day, November 25, 2010

    left overs day 2
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    Question of the Day, November 25, 2010

    left overs day 1
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    Canadian Military Goes Game Shopping

    gee they forgot tim hortons gift cards again ... ya gotta get a double double and tim bits for gamer fuel...
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    Daily Drop: Cherry Pie

    DU'OH what a waste of pie ... why not drop foods we hate ?