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    The Big Picture: Not Okay

    Jesus, I had heard a little about this, but wasn't aware of the whole kerfuffle. Bakhtanian sounds like he's trying to be the representative for /v/ - his justification for his own misogynist behaviour is laughably horrendous. It makes me wonder if the problem of sexism isn't circulated and even...
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    Game's Ending Songs that are beautifully with AND without context

    ANYTHING from Monkey Island. My favourite soundtrack ever.
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    Bored. Need new TV series.

    In the order of priority that I personally think you should watch them; - Breaking Bad - really is one of the greatest and most compelling shows I've ever seen. - Homeland - Brilliant cast and storyline, will make you want to watch more. - Misfits - Excellent, superbly funny take on...
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    Poll: Do you think I stand a chance?

    If the gender-neutralizing of uniforms was ACTUALLY an issue, I'd have more sympathy. Your rant about hypocrisy and my apparent accusatory tone is pretty helpful, though... As far as I'm concerned, you both need some perspective - I'm not blaming anyone for problems, but that doesn't mean we...
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    Poll: Do you think I stand a chance?

    Ah, the old "Nothing I can do about problems in other countries" argument. Take all the effort you put into this asinine "problem" and earn some money, then give that money to a charity who take it upon themselves to educate children who would otherwise not have had a chance to even learn how...
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    Poll: Do you think I stand a chance?

    This thread just screams 'First World Problems' at me, and it somewhat disgusts me. Be grateful you're allowed to be educated, and have clothes on your back, for fuck's sake.
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    Your Favorite Kung Fu Movie

    Drunken Master II (or The Legend of the Drunken Master) It has so many awesome fight scenes in it, and is an 'essential' Jackie Chan film.
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    LGBT Community calls the Salvation Army Bigots

    Whatever their ideologies, I wouldn't donate to them anyway, I'm obviously saving all my money to donate when Desert Bus rolls around again!
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    So notch is an assh*le......

    I find it impossible to give a shit. Internet celebrities are here today, gone tomorrow, like a fart in the wind, so I think it's futile spending time and energy debating who is right ...and who is dead. #Inconceivable!
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    Why it is acceptable to criticize smokers, but not fat people?

    Get some perspective. You might have gotten over bad eating habits when you grew up, but the fact is that a lot of people don't, even when informed of the health risks, same as smokers. Childhood obesity is extremely detrimental to growth, and probably in more ways than just on a physical...
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    Why it is acceptable to criticize smokers, but not fat people?

    This point, and other posts stating that 'there's no second-hand obesity', are LAUGHABLY naive. Eating habits and food choice are almost always passed onto you by other people, usually starting with your family. Obese parents pass on their bad choices to their kids, and someone already posted...
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    Skyrim, you slayed how many dragons?

    I'd say 35-40 so far. I need to crank the difficulty up from Adept soon though, my two 292 damage enchanted war axes are chewing through EVERYTHING in 2 hits max. Max Smithing and Enchanting is so ridiculous :P
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    Poll: Skyrim - Annoyed by encumbrance?

    If you're willing to spend the perk-points, you can make them yourself, it's the perk you can unlock at 100 Smithing. Smithing is easy as hell to level, it's actually my highest stat right now at 71. If you get an assload of hides, make them into leather, then make some of that leather into...
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    Poll: Guitarists: Capo or Capo?

    It is pronounced 'cay-po'!
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    Poll: Thinking of buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, is the single player good?

    There's always Bulletstorm, that was a riot!