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    The New Shiny Escapist

    You spent six months on this? Half of the text is unreadable and blurry, and the white background makes it feel like a site from the ninties. I know everyones going minimalist these days, but damn, you've actually managed to have LESS STUFF on your front page! I mean, all those people bitching...
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    Dating Sims Get Real

    It is really, really hard to find someone on the internet who can talk intelligently about sexual topics, or at least approach them with an open and inquisitive mind. I enjoyed the read, though I probably wont play the game.
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    Skyrim Beaten In Just Over Two Hours

    Wait a minute. Bethesda has more than one QA tester?!
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    Persona 4 Anime Hits Hulu

    I really liked this anime, but I think my enjoyment was directly tied to playing Persona 4. If you had never played the game and saw this anime... well, so far it has a weird pace, quickly jumping from scene to scene. And the main character has very, VERY little personality. It works for a video...
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    Poll: Why do gamers discriminate other gamers???

    There is discrimination over every little last thing that there could possibly be a decision over, no matter how arbitrary. Ive been discriminated against by where I eat pizza, mostly through a number of raised eyebrows. Since the term 'Gamer' covers a great amount of people and a wide...
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    Mythic Founder Thinks Most Free-to-Play MMOs Are "Crap"

    Playing a lot of free-to-play games, I will admit, they feel small, and often like they have less content. Its not a bad thing, and it does make some games crap, but not all of them. Vindicus is still well-made and incredibly fun. And to his other point, I encounter douchebags no matter what...
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    Porn Stars Start Topless Gaming Site

    Uhhhg, really? This had to be done? At least it wasnt some game company paying them pander like this, but geeez.... why?
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    Are there any video game with a female as the MAIN villain ?

    Persona 3 and 4, the big final bosses were female god....things. You dont fight them most of the game, but they're the cause of most the problems, especially in 4.
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    The last movie you saw combines with the last game you played and the last book you read.

    Sucker Punch + Team Fortress 2 + Count of Monte Cristo o.O Lot more women killing eachother, BUT FOR REVENGE
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    Games will never be accepted as an art form

    By my definition, Games are already Art, if you consider Art to be a means by which humans express themselves creatively. A game can be the blandest bland bowl this side of blandsville, and I'd still call it art. Now whether or not this medium will be accepted by hoity-toity rich people...
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    What did you want to grow up to be as a child?

    Teacher. Yeah, as a kid, I reached for those clouds. gotta dream big when you're little. A better story is my mom's. When she grew up, she wanted to be a penguin. She was crushed by reality so bad, she became an artist to ease the pain.
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    How do you feel about circumcision?

    Its a useless procedure based on outdated medical knowledge. When I have kids, I'm not going to let them be circumcised, but thats just my choice. Its, for the most part, harmless, so I dont care if other parents decide to choose differently.
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    Dota 2's Gameplay Amazes Announcers

    Well, when I tried to play original DotA, I remember it was kind've a pain in the ass to find the right version. My boyfriend said the LoL guys took it down from the main download site, but I think he was just guessing. People still play Quake 3 and Counter-strike, maybe they are trying to...
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    Dota 2's Gameplay Amazes Announcers

    Having play a lot of LoL and a little bit of DotA, to me, DotA 2 looks dangerously close to LoL. Even if they both did draw from the same source, I thought Valve would be able to do more with the formula. I dunno if they can win over LoL's base like this, but hey, good luck to them.
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    Bethesda Shows Off QuakeCon Skyrim Characters

    Wow, Bethesda is showing that they can actually make a decent face? I'm sold. time to preorder the game.